The Pulse en Recovery "On Call" In the Emergency Room <p>A new program aims to connect people who have accidentally overdosed on opioids with addiction treatment – <em>before </em>they leave the emergency room. The state’s largest nonprofit mental health service organization, The Providence Center, is providing what it calls “recovery coaches” to Kent Hospital through a program called <strong>AnchorED</strong>.</p> Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:56:40 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 37178 at Neglect And The Developing Brain <p>For babies, healthy brain development is like a tennis game. A caregiver "serves" up an interaction, like a facial expression, a coo, or a word, and the infant "returns" that serve, imitating the expression or sound. Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:58:51 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 37042 at Where ACA Dollars Have Flowed Into RI <p>The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have announced the second round of Health Care Innovation awards. These are big grants for projects that are trying to reduce the cost of health care and/or improve care delivery, often for some of the sickest or most complicated patients.</p> Thu, 10 Jul 2014 18:24:10 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 36528 at Where ACA Dollars Have Flowed Into RI Getting The Lead Out: The Law Works, Except When It Doesn't <p>A law aimed at protecting children from unsafe levels of lead in their homes is working, according to a new study. But only when landlords comply with it.</p> Mon, 07 Jul 2014 18:51:24 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 36341 at Getting The Lead Out: The Law Works, Except When It Doesn't Beach Bound? Get A Free Skin Cancer Screening <p>Are you beach bound this weekend? That is, after Hurricane Arthur clears out?</p><p>If so, you already know to pack the sunscreen, slather it on (<a href="">a lot of it, two coats</a>), and reapply after a couple of hours. But here's some more information about why to reapply, which kinds of sunscreens and what SPF are best (and what that means, anyway), and more about the latest developments in sunscreen technology - <strong>below</strong>.</p> Thu, 03 Jul 2014 15:56:03 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 36179 at Local Reactions To The Hobby Lobby Decision <p>Reactions are still coming in to today's U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby (that decision, that the company is not required to cover contraceptives as part of employees' health insurance, can be read <a href="">here</a>.). Here are a few so far. Keep in mind, more decisions related to this one are expected.</p> Mon, 30 Jun 2014 19:01:52 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 36015 at Measles Resurgence Touches RI; Possible ER Exposure <p>Health officials say several adults may have been exposed to a person with the measles last weekend. The exposure might have happened in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 22nd in the emergency department at Rhode Island Hospital or later that evening in the emergency department at Roger Williams Hospital. Hospital officials say a man later diagnosed with measles presented&nbsp;at Rhode Island Hospital between 3 and 6 in the morning. He left against medical advice. Around 6 pm that evening he went to Roger Williams Hospital with a worsening fever. Sun, 29 Jun 2014 01:12:52 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 35956 at Measles Resurgence Touches RI; Possible ER Exposure Debrief: New Health Laws Address Addiction, Breast Cancer <p>Another legislative session has wrapped up. Health care reporter Kristin Gourlay joins host Dave Fallon in the studio to talk about how health care fared on Smith Hill.</p><p>Here's a transcript of their discussion.</p> Wed, 25 Jun 2014 20:21:30 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 35634 at Covering Autism In CT; Mental Health Parity <p>Connecticut's insurance department has just issued a bulletin that will affect how insurers cover autism - or could. According to this Kaiser Health News <a href="">story by Michelle Andrews</a>, autism advocates have worked hard over the years to ensure complex conditions like autism get the kind of insurance coverage they need - for long-term behavioral therapy, for example. But now:</p> Tue, 24 Jun 2014 20:32:16 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 35714 at Teen Suicide Attempts Up, But Why? <p>National survey results (officially the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System survey) came out this week showing that, in Rhode Island, teen suicide attempts have nearly doubled over the past decade. Unacceptable.</p> Thu, 19 Jun 2014 19:21:00 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 35456 at