Made in Rhode Island

An ongoing series taking a look at manufacturing in Rhode Island.


PROVIDENCE, RI – Metlon's product is everywhere -you just need to know how to look for it.

Photo by: Catherine Welch


For the last century there has been a Maxson Automatic Machinery Company in Westerly. And for almost as long, a member of the Matthews family has worked there.

"Well it hasn't been a hundred, but it's been darn close," says company president Joe Matthews. His dad was the boss before him, and before that his granddad worked at Maxson. "My father joined the family firm in 1950, he retired in 2000," he says. "And I've been with the company since 1983."

Photo by Bradley Campbell.

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Ocean State's fishing industry has seen a contraction over the years. From 2005 to 2011 the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation reported the local fleet declined by 16 percent. But there's a fishing net manufacture in Point Judith that refuses to quit. As RIRP continue our "Made in Rhode Island" series, Bradley Campbell visits Superior Trawl, a company that survives through invention, cooperation and sheer stubbornness.

PROVIDENCE, RI – All week we've been looking at manufacturing in the Ocean State in a series we're calling Made in Rhode Island. Submarine builder Electric Boat is the state's largest manufacturer with more than 2,200 workers. So Rhode Island Public Radio's Scott MacKay visited the Quonset facility and sat down with the man at Electric Boat who manages submarine production to find about what it takes to keep those good-paying defense jobs in Rhode Island.

Photo by Ian Donnis

PROVIDENCE, RI – Owen Johnson doesn't put much stock in doom and gloom talk about Rhode Island and the state's supposedly toxic business climate. The Virginia native and MIT grad thinks the Ocean State is a fertile place for new ventures.

Johnson nurtures other people's new ideas as a founder of a start-up business incubator called BetaSpring. But he wanted to pursue his love for beer and start up his own businesses. And that's how Revival Brewing took flight.