Rhode Island Public Radio Board of Directors

Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR) is the community licensee for WRNI-FM 102.7. RIPR leases WELH 88.1 FM from the Wheeler School, and WCVY 91.5 FM from Coventry Public Schools. RIPR is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), Rhode Island corporation. The board of directors consists of the Rhode Islanders listed below. Meetings of the board are held at noon on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the offices of Kahn Litwin Renza, 951 N. Main St., Providence.  Meetings are open to the public.

Peri Aptaker, Treasurer and Chair of Finance
Chris Benzak
Samuel Chase
Joan Countryman
Peggy Farrell
Adam Hamblett
Marie Langlois
James "Ted" Long, Jr., Chair
Susan Lovejoy
James Marsh
John E. Marshall
Linda McGoldrick, Vice Chair
Dan Miller
Joop Nagtegaal, Secretary
Robert Naparstek
H. Joseph "Joe" O'Connor, General Manager, Ex Officio
Pablo Rodriguez, MD
Julie Sharpe
Peggy Sharpe
Ken Shimberg
Bill Stone, Vice Chair
Bob Vetromile
Robin Wallace
Robert Whitcomb