AAA Southern New England

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Drivers keeping track of prices at the pump may have noticed that the average gallon of regular unleaded will cost a nickel more than it did last week.

That extra nickel now puts the average price of regular unleaded at $3.79 a gallon. That’s higher than the national average. AAA Southern New England urges Rhode Islanders to shop around since the range in price spans 26-cents.

Across the border in Massachusetts the average price went up by four cents to $3.72 a gallon, just a penny shy of the national average of $3.73.

RI gas prices jump considerably from last week

Feb 4, 2013

If you haven’t filled up your car in a while you’re in for sticker shock. AAA of Southern New England says gas shot up 12 cents a gallon last week.  Much of it has to do with a variety of issues.

AAA’s weekly survey shows gas averaging $3.66 a gallon in Rhode Island, 12 cents higher than it was just a week ago. AAA spokesman John Paul says it was caused by recent increases in the price of crude oil spurred by refinery outages and other problems.