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Hundreds of teachers and school leaders are expected in Providence Thursday for the Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum. The group was founded by former Brown University Education Chair Ted Sizer, who advocated for giving schools freedom to design their own programs. “When we can, advocate for policies at the local, state, and federal levels to make sure that the kind of education that we think works best for kids can continue,” said Jill Davidson, the coalition’s managing director. ...


Hundreds of Brown University students walked out of classes Wednesday, shouting “Our existence is resistance,” and “Whose campus? Our campus.” The protest was one of many popping up on college campuses across the nation, in the wake of Republican Donald Trump’s election as president. At the University of Rhode Island, students and some faculty held a demonstration earlier this week. At Brown, demonstrators called for the school to provide safe harbor for undocumented immigrants and minority...

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Here’s what’s happening in health in Rhode Island, Nov. 15: OPIOID ADDICTION TREATMENT FOR INMATES : -The medical director for state correctional system, Dr. Jennifer Clark, told members of the governor’s opioid overdose task force that more inmates will be getting medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction .

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Donald Trump’s surprise victory has prompted climate ministers from around the world to issue a joint statement about the need for the whole international community, including the United States, to remain committed to the Paris Climate Accords. Rhode Island Public Radio environmental reporter Ambar Espinoza talked to a Brown University climate policy expert, who is at this year’s United Nations climate summit in Morocco , to find out how leaders are taking the news.


Students around the College Hill neighborhood of Providence expressed dismay over the election of Donald Trump as the country’s 45 th president. Brown University students held “self-care” gatherings on the campus green. Rhode Island School of Design faculty told students to take the Wednesday off if they wanted. Brown student, Katherine Duckworth voted for Hillary Clinton, and said she can’t talk about the results and not cry. “I don't see how this is going to get any better,” said Duckworth....

FORUM Seizing the Moment to End HepC
Aaron Read

Seizing the Moment to End Hepatitis C:
A Discussion with Experts and Advocates WATCH THE ARCHIVED VIDEO WEBCAST HERE Thursday, November 17, 2016, 6 PM - 7:30 PM
Brown University School of Public Health
121 S. Main Street, 3rd Floor, Providence, RI Hepatitis C is killing more Rhode Islanders today than ever before – especially baby boomers. A new study shows that the disease burden in Rhode Island is much greater than previously believed. The good news is that there’s a...


The presidential election is now a little more than two weeks away, and we’ve been hearing from various voters across the nation and the state. Millennials – people now in their twenties and thirties – remain a coveted voting bloc. As we continue our Rhody Votes ’16 election coverage, we bring you the voices of local college students at Brown University and Rhode Island College weighing in on the presidential race, and the issues they’re most concerned about. We hear first from Bilal Laft, a...

The 15-foot-long telescope at Ladd has helped Rhode Islanders witness many cosmic events. David Targan, Ladd’s Director, said the observatory remains much as it was when it was built in the Victorian era, so visitors can still see what it was like to look at the night sky in 1891. “There are observatories all over the world but none or very few that are as well preserved, I would say, from that era as Ladd,” said Targan. Targan said Ladd Observatory was a favorite haunt of H.P. Lovecraft, the...

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Humanitarian crises are multiplying around the globe, but a Brown University researcher says we could be responding in a more rigorous way. Emergency medicine doctor Adam Levine will head the new Humanitarian Innovation Initiative at Brown’s Watson Institute. He says academic researchers need to partner with humanitarian aid providers. “Very little of what we do in the humanitarian sector is based on actual rigorous studies and much of it is based on anecdote," said Levine. "We do what we did...

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A Brown University scientist is one of three individuals awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics. Physicist J. Michael Kosterlitz won for his research on states of matter, which could have applications in electronics.

Happy Weekend and thanks for stopping by for my weekly column! As usual, your tips and comments are welcome , and you can follow me through the week on the twitters . Here we go. 1. Forging ahead with a $4 million bridge-repair program on the 6/10 Connector checks a lot of boxes for Governor Gina Raimondo . It jump-starts her much-debated RhodeWorks plan. It delights some of her union supporters while likely boosting job-creation numbers in time for the 2018 campaign. And as Raimondo...

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Few people know that Providence is home to a plaza designed by the architect I.M. Pei, the man behind the famous pyramids outside the Louvre Museum in Paris. In the 1960s, Providence hired Pei to redesign Cathedral Square during a push for urban renewal. But the effort failed to attract people or achieve the renown of some of Pei's later projects.

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A Brown University student accused of sexual assault and suspended for two years will be allowed to return to school this fall. The student is awaiting a decision on a lawsuit he brought against the university. A federal judge ruled the student could enroll for classes this fall pending the outcome of his case. Brown found the student – known as “John Doe” - was responsible for sexually assaulting a female student and suspended him in April. Doe says it was consensual, and he sued the...

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Sovijja Pou, a senior at Brown University, will compete next week as one of two swimmers representing Cambodia. His event, the 100-meter freestyle, is scheduled for Tuesday.

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A Brown University medical student wants to register every med student in the country to vote. And the group he founded is gaining momentum.