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John Bender / RIPR

Municipal officials from around the state are opposing legislation that would make fire department staffing subject to collective bargaining. They say the bill effectively eliminates their power to control the budget.

Mayors and town managers say they should have control over schedules for firefighters, to cut down the cost of overtime. Legislation now pending at the statehouse would require collective bargaining for schedule changes.

Lieutenant Governor Daniel McKee, who was sworn in Tuesday, joins Bonus Q+A to talk about trying to reduce the cost of operating HealthSource RI, the outlook on lowering electricity prices, his plans for using his new office, and more.

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The Rhode Island AFL-CIO’s COPE (Committee on Political Education) convention that was held in Providence last Friday decided to put the labor organization on record against Republican Allan Fung’s campaign for governor.

Frank Ferri is one of three Democrats running for lieutenant governor, along with Secretary of State Ralph Mollis and Cumberland Mayor Daniel McKee. Term limits prevent the state’s current LG, Elizabeth Roberts, from seeking re-electon. Ferri has represented Warwick as a state rep since 2007, and he owns a bowling alley in Johnston. As part of our Rhody Votes covererage of the 2014 election, Ferri says he can speak for the concerns of small business owners.