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This I Believe Rhode Island: Homesick

Jun 2, 2015

Maturation is a wonderful thing – if and when it happens, of course.  If we’re really fortunate, throughout our lives we have the wherewithal to learn from our mistaken assumptions and correct course. H. G. Wells once famously wrote, “There's truths you have to grow into.”  For some of us, it takes decades to grow into these truths.  But sometimes even an adolescent has the ability to face life’s hard truths, as with twelve-year-old Anika Istok.

Anika Istok is completing the seventh grade at the Gordon School in East Providence.  She lives with her family in Cranston.

Seventh grader Eli Fulton is in Washington, D.C. to represent Rhode Island in the National Geographic Bee.  He’ll compete for the 27th national title and a $50,000 scholarship.

The 13-year-old East Providence resident is being homeschooled.

Starting Monday, Fulton will face 54 competitors in a three-day showdown of geography prowess. He said he’s excited but anxious for the competition to begin.

Jonathan Kriz

  It’s illegal for stores in the city of East Providence to sell cats and dogs. A federal district judge has upheld a city ordinance banning the sale of these pets.

Last year, East Providence passed an ordinance that bans the sale of dogs and cats. The owner of a local pet store took the city to court to fight the ordinance’s constitutionality.

Some residents in East Providence thought they won a victory back in 2012, when the Department of Environmental Management shut down a recycling center called TLA Pond View. But now a different company that operates at that site is also facing complaints.

The state fire marshal ordered Railside Environmental Services, LLC to stop bringing new recyclables into its East Providence facility. Deputy fire marshal Richard James said the company, also known as RES Recycling, has to truck out existing materials due to the large piles of debris.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited an East Providence company for serious workplace safety violations. It's the result of an investigation into an explosion that happened last August.

Back in August, wood dust caught fire and caused an explosion at Inferno Wood Pellet in East Providence. The fire spread through the building, injuring a worker and destroying part of the building.