Lincoln Chafee

Political Roundtable
4:00 am
Fri January 17, 2014

Bonus Q+A: Licht on the Economy, Diversity, the Revolving Door & More

State Administration Director Richard Licht joins Bonus Q+A to discuss a range of issues, including Governor Chafee's economic development efforts, the governor's new spending plan.

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Political Roundtable
4:00 am
Fri January 17, 2014

Political Roundtable: Licht on Chafee's Budget, 38 Studios & the 2014 Race for Governor

Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

State Department of Administration Director Richard Licht joins Political Roundtable this week to discuss Governor Lincoln Chafee's budget proposal; lingering debate over 38 Studios; the 2014 race for governor; and the Cranston ticket controversy.

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Governor's Office
9:02 am
Thu January 16, 2014

Governor Lincoln Chafee Unveils New Budget Proposal

In delivering his last State of the State address Wednesday, Governor Lincoln Chafee said Rhode Island is headed toward better days.

The eight and a half billion dollar budget unveiled by Chafee avoids any broad-based taxes while investing in education and infrastructure.

Chafee spending plan includes more money for K-through-12 education and a tuition freeze at the state’s public colleges. In closing out his speech, the governor quoted pop singer Taylor Swift’s observation that the Ocean State is, quote, “a really good place.”

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Governor's Office
12:17 pm
Wed January 15, 2014

Governor Chafee To Give Final State Of The State

Governor Lincoln Chafee at previous State of the State address.
Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

Governor Lincoln Chafee will unveil his last state budget during a State of the State address Wednesday at the Statehouse. As Rhode Island Public Radio political reporter Ian Donnis reports, Chafee announced last year he wouldn’t seek re-election

Chafee will present his spending plan during a public address to the legislature, which typically makes significant changes to the budget before ending its session in June. During a recent interview, Chafee said his spending priorities remain unchanged.

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On Politics
12:39 pm
Fri January 10, 2014

RI Supreme Court Upholds Standing for Narragansetts in Gambling Lawsuit

The Rhode Island Supreme Court has upheld a Superior Court finding that the Narragansett Indian tribe has standing to sue the state over the addition of table games at Twin River and Newport Grand. Yet it remains unclear if the tribe's suit will move forward.

Under state law, the Narragansett tribe gets about one fifth of one percent of all net revenue from video lottery terminals at Twin River in Lincoln. That’s up to a maximum of $10 million a year.

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9:04 am
Thu January 9, 2014

Interfaith Vigil At The Statehouse Calls For Lawmakers To Address RI Poverty

Governor Lincoln Chafee at the interfaith vigil on poverty at the Statehouse.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

A coalition of Rhode Island religious leaders is calling on lawmakers to put poverty at the top of their agenda this year.  The plea was issued at a Statehouse rally Wednesday.

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General Assembly
9:06 am
Wed January 8, 2014

General Assembly Opens For 2014 Legislative Session

The RI General Assembly begins the 2014 legislative session this week.
Credit Kristin Gourlay / RIPR

House Speaker Gordon Fox welcomed lawmakers back Tuesday by hoping the new legislative session is more civil than the one that stretched into last July.

Debate in the House turned prickly over parts of the budget during the last legislative year. In his opening speech on the first day of the new session, Fox called for a different approach.

“I hope that we strengthen the lines of communication, so hopefully we end this session earlier than last session and end it nice. Welcome back to 2014, let’s get to work," said Fox.

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4:00 am
Wed January 8, 2014

Governor Chafee On His Legacy, 38 Studios, Pension Mediation & More

Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

The new year marks the start of Governor Lincoln Chafee's final year in office. That's because he announced last year he wouldn't seek re-election. The Republican-turned-independent-turned Democrat has faced low public approval ratings since narrowly winning a four-way race for governor in 2010. Yet as part of this wide-ranging interview, Chafee asserts he'll leave a positive legacy for the state.

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Governor's Race
9:17 am
Mon January 6, 2014

Chafee Yet To Give Endorsement To Any Democratic Gubenatorial Candidate

Democratic governor Lincoln Chafee will not seek another term in office, and has yet to endorse any possible candidate.

Governor Lincoln Chafee says he still hasn’t decided which candidate to support in this year’s gubernatorial race but he’s decided one thing.  Chafee, a Republican-turned independent-turned Democrat, said there’s no way he would endorse a Republican.

"I’m a democrat and I’m a very proud member of the democratic party now. It’s been an evolution, as you know. And I’m proud to become a democrat and stand up for the values of building the middle class and closing the disparity of wealth that exists in this country and that’s what I care about," said Chafee.

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4:01 pm
Fri January 3, 2014

Rhode Islanders Dig Out, Warm Up

A snow plow clears streets in Cranston.
Credit Ambar Espinoza / RIPR

The first snowstorm of 2014 may not have delivered all the snow we expected. But it has delivered the searing cold.  

Here's how Ocean Staters are digging out and staying warm.

Paul Caminero spent the morning shoveling snow in downtown Providence. But staying outside this long, in this kind of cold? That required some preparation.

“I’ve basically thrown on everything I can,” laughed Caminero. “I’ve got on two pairs of pants, gloves, North Face jacket, hoodie.”

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