One Square Mile: Woonsocket

Woonsocket Community Forum

Woonsocket, RI – Scott MacKay leads a discussion on issues facing Woonsocket.


In their Woonsocket apartment, Bradley Mehlenbacher and his half-brother Brian Ross known to thousands as Draco and the Malfoys play a stripped-down version of their song, "Potions." They're one of the big names in a genre called wizard rock music that's based on the popular Harry Potter book series.

PROVIDENCE, RI – When you drive into Woonsocket, the sign welcoming you into the city includes another welcome- to the world headquarters of CVS. The fortune 18 pharmacy company, and one of the biggest employers in Rhode Island, continues to choose Woonsocket as its home.

WRNI's health care reporter Megan Hall sat down with one of CVS's top executives, Helena Foulks, to learn why.

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island's northernmost city faces many of the same challenges as the state as a whole, including a lack of jobs. But one thing that sets Woonsocket apart is an unusually rich array of local media.

Lorraine Corey is a grandmother of seven who self-deprecatingly puts her age as older than the dinosaurs. She might seem like an unlikely candidate to be the latest entry in Woonsocket's local media, but she cares deeply about how her tax dollars are spent.

PROVIDENCE, RI – The dynamite sandwich.

Its ethnic origins have been lost to time but the sandwich's popularity is as strong as ever.