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Governor Lincoln Chafee is expected Thursday to sign into law legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in Rhode Island.  The House Judiciary Committee quickly approved the bills Tuesday.

Any uncertainty facing the same-sex bills was eliminated when the state Senate overwhelmingly approved them last week. In a largely procedural matter, House Judiciary followed up with an unanimous 13-to-zero vote. Education activist Maryellen Butke, who can recall how fellow gays and lesbians once faced overt hostility in Rhode Island, called the vote historic.

In today's podcast, same-sex marriage  in Rhode Island, and animal rights activists demonstrating at Brown University.  Plus Scott Mackay on the road to same-sex marriage in Rhode Island.

Change happens slowly in politics. Except when it doesn’t. Rhode Island Public Radio political analyst Scott MacKay explains the forces behind Rhode Island’s reversal on gay marriage.

The Ocean State is poised to become the 10th  state in the nation to recognize same sex marriages and join our five New England neighbors in the vanguard of the movement for equal treatment for gay citizens. 

RI Couple Anticipates Marriage

Apr 29, 2013
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This promises to be a pivotal week in the long-fought battle for same sex marriage in Rhode Island.  The House is expected to tweak the bill approved last week by the state Senate and send it off to Governor Lincoln Chafee for his signature. 

Aaron Coutu works not one but two library jobs. But Sunday, his mind was not exclusively on books. Coutu, who with his partner, Ray Daignault, became the first Rhode Island couple to engage in a civil union two years ago, now plan to get married once it becomes legal to do so August 1st.

Rhode Island, you do us proud with your ceaseless stream of unexpected political developments. Happy Friday, and welcome back. You're tips and thoughts are always welcome at idonnis (at) ripr (dot) org. Here we go:

1. Former state treasurer Frank Caprio's is on the comeback trail after his gubernatorial campaign melted down in 2010: he's planning to run for treasurer next year, regardless of who else might be in the race.