Business Support

What makes underwriting with Rhode Island Public Radio such an incredible value?

  • Underwriting on Rhode Island Public Radio is cost-effective, and it can fit any budget.
  • Our underwriting messages are announced live on-air by our hosts so listeners hear and retain your message.
  • We broadcast no more than :30 worth of category-exclusive spots at a time so listeners will remember you.
  • We can write the spots for you, and we will create a custom schedule for your messages.

By joining Rhode Island Public Radio's family of underwriters you will:

  • Demonstrate that your business is stable and that you recognize the value of quality programming.
  • Enjoy access to an audience with significant purchasing power.
  • Promote name recognition among professionals who are interested in your products and services.
  • Build credibility through your association with National Public Radio and our own RIPR news staff.
  • Earn gratitude for your support of public radio in Rhode Island.
We can develop a specific underwriting plan for you that includes sponsorship of an event, program, or fundraising premium!

Contact Donna Bannon at or 401.405.6003 (cell)