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3:30 pm
Fri January 25, 2013

Greenwich Odeum Theater reopening Saturday

The Greenwich Odeum on 59 Main St., East Greenwich.
Credit The Greenwich Odeum Theater

The Greenwich Odeum Theater reopens tomorrow (Saturday) with an evening of performances at its historic location on Main Street in East Greenwich. After surviving many incarnations since it opened as a vaudeville house in 1926, the theater closed in 2007 due to stricter fire codes following the tragic 2003 Station nightclub fire in West Warwick. Five years and over 200,000 dollars in renovations later, the Greenwich Odeum will host performing arts events once again. Co-chair of the Odeum's board, Frank Prosnitz, says theater lovers old and new are ready for this next chapter.

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Arts & Culture
1:00 am
Wed January 23, 2013

Gamm's Ann Boleyn is off-the-wall but also serious

Madeleine Lambert as Anne Boleyn
Credit Peter Goldberg

Oh my goodness, folks, those wacky Brits are back. They arrived Monday night in a slippery snowstorm using as their invasion vehicle the much anticipated, and much hyped, “Anne Boleyn” by veteran troublemaking playwright Howard Brenton. You will remember his work if you caught the deliciously provocative play “Paul” which celebrated the life of St. Paul at the Gamm a while ago.

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Planet Money
3:43 pm
Tue January 15, 2013

How Do Movie Producers Insure Lindsay Lohan And Other Troubled Stars?

Producer Larry Thompson (right) took out incarceration insurance on Lindsay Lohan for her role in Lifetime's Liz and Dick.
Kevin Winter Getty Images

Originally published on Tue January 15, 2013 7:01 pm

This weekend's NYT Magazine had a great article about Lindsay Lohan's role in a new, micro-budget movie. The article mentioned that work had largely dried up for Lohan because her "misadventures" had made her difficult to insure for big-budget films.

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Arts & Culture
10:21 am
Thu December 27, 2012

Artscape: Harpist brings in Winter Solstice

Harpist Aine Minogue
Credit Catherine Welch

For this month’s Artscape, we go to a Winter Solstice music celebration featuring the Irish harpist and singer Aine Minogue.  The concert is put on by the Common Fence Music Association, a non-profit group based in Portsmouth, RI and as they say on their website, “focused on presenting music and music education in a people-oriented and sustainable community setting.”
Do you have insight or expertise on this topic? Please email us, we'd like to hear from you.

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Arts & Culture
1:07 pm
Tue May 15, 2012

Contemporary Art in the Creative Capital

Looking for Contempoary Art in the Creative Capital

RIPR – Providence has a world-class art school and easy access to New York and Boston. But as technology and health care take center stage to the capitol city's economic rebound, where does the contemporary art scene fit in to the city's plans?

This Policy & Pinot discussion panel was recorded live at the Providence Athenaeum and explores the future of Providence's art scene.

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Arts & Culture
2:16 pm
Fri July 8, 2011

Two puzzles from Will Shortz

Providence, RI – Will Shortz stopped by the WRNI studios and gave health care reporter Megan Hall two puzzles.

First person to get both right wins a prize! Send in your answers to

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Arts & Culture
2:29 pm
Thu December 23, 2010

Web extra: extended Don King interview

Providence, RI – Listen to a much longer conversation with Don King, former artistic director of the Black Repertory Company.

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Arts & Culture
5:01 pm
Wed November 10, 2010

David Sedaris donated to WRNI and so should you!

Providence, RI – David Sedaris came to WRNI and left a $300 check.

Arts & Culture
10:01 am
Wed November 10, 2010

Second Chances

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – All of us can identify times in our lives that posed significant challenges from which we have needed to rebound. Peter Slom is a clinical social worker and unit manager at the Rhode Island Training School. He tells us about his compelling journey from the depths of despair.

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Arts & Culture
6:35 am
Thu October 14, 2010

This I Believe: Skepticism

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Doctor Stanley Aronson is dean of medicine emeritus at Brown University. He warns us against un-due devotion to our beliefs.

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