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Providence, RI – How often have you stood impatiently in what turned out to be the interminably long line at the supermarket, or felt at a complete loss for what to do in those all-too-rare, often unexpected hiatuses in your overly scheduled life? As Henri Flikier observes, boredom is in the eye of the beholder and, often, is not what it seems.

Providence, RI – Who hasn't had a close encounter or two with a remarkably exasperating, perhaps eccentric, relative -- that legendary family fixture who has an astonishing ability to push the proverbial envelope and test our patience? And then, as so often happens, this is the relative who, over time, manages somehow to seep into and truly touch our soul. This is what happened to Janine Weisman.

Providence, RI – Brian Chippendale's name is closely linked to the Fort Thunder art scene, a group of artists and musicians that lived and worked in a Providence mill complex about a decade ago.

Providence, RI – Wake-up calls in life come from many sources, and usually not from hotel operators. For all of us, life is full of unpredictable and unexpected, often unbidden, events that teach us enduring lessons. That was certainly the case for Jack Galvin.

Galvin, a retired teacher and tennis pro, is a writer living in Middletown. He and Vinny Integlia, the subject of Galvin's essay, have been collaborating on a written account of Integlia's first ten years as a quadriplegic.

Providence, RI – Many of us have experienced poignant moments during our long-distance travels, those times when we're airborne or riding the rails for hours and stop to think about where we're headed, not just geographically, but, as well, in a more existential, perhaps even spiritual sense. Joanne Perella, has had many such moments in her life.

Providence, RI – All of us have had people walk into our lives unexpectedly and, in ways we never anticipated, change our lives forever - the way we view the world, our most basic priorities, our sense of what really matters. Indeed, that's what happened to Cori Hughes.

Providence, RI – One of the joys of living in Rhode Island is that we're surrounded by remarkably creative artists and their often provocative words, images, and sounds. As Lynnie Gobeille tells us, sometimes we can find the fruits of artists' labor in some very unlikely spots in the Ocean State.

Providence, RI – Resident company members Janice Duclos, Mauro Hantman, Anne Scurria, and Rachael Warren join Curt Columbus and Bob Seay with two hilarious tales:

* "Why I Live at the P.O.": The postmistress of the second-smallest town in Mississippi tells all
* "Petrified Man": A beauty salon, a traveling freak show, and a $500 reward

Providence, RI – Imagine a news story about the daily goings-on at a typical large, urban high school. What images come to mind? Do you picture academic success stories spinning out of a maturing student body, or does your mind run toward more dismal scenarios? As Fred Silva, notes, urban education is filled with remarkable triumphs, even miracles.

Providence, RI – Brown Bird is a locally-based folk, Americana band. Their sound draws on influences from Appalachian, gypsy and shanty music, and features the sometimes somber lyrics of lead singer David Lamb. Lamb, joined by cellist MorganEve Swain and steel guitarist Mike Samos, recently sat down with Morning Edition host Bob Seay to discuss their music.

Providence, RI – It sounds a little too much like a question on a college application: "Please identify a book that has changed your life. Discuss." The truth is, most of us can identify a book that has changed our lives in profound ways, and that's certainly the case for Jan Keough.

Keough is co-founder of the Origami Poems Project, an experiment to provide free poetry to enthusiastic readers. She lives in Cumberland with her musician husband, Kevin, and two mini-schnauzers.

Providence, RI – If we have learned anything as a nation in recent years, it's that we cannot afford to take basic health care for granted. The issue dominates political debate and media headlines, and with good reason. As Dr. Annie De Groot reminds us, health care is a vital issue, not only for our nation, but for our world.

Providence, RI – In our more thoughtful moments, we stop to appreciate - really appreciate - some of life's most common comforts, say, the food we eat throughout the day, the water we drink, and the roof that's over our head. Sunil Bhatia reminds us that we ought to keep one other of life's most basic comforts on that list.

Providence, RI – Ah, love. When it works out, the sun shines on our soul, our hearts spill over, and life is good. But there are those times in our lives when love seems out of reach or, even worse, the source of unspeakable pain. Shanna Wells tells us that love, in all of its stunningly complicated forms, is essential in our lives.

Providence, RI – Resident company members Janice Duclos, Fred Sullivan, Jr., and Stephen Thorne join Curt Columbus and Bob Seay with three stories by the author of All the King's Men:

* "A Christian Education"
* "The Confession of Brother Grimes"
* "The Patented Gate and the Mean Hamburger"