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Providence, RI – If we have learned anything as a nation in recent years, it's that we cannot afford to take basic health care for granted. The issue dominates political debate and media headlines, and with good reason. As Dr. Annie De Groot reminds us, health care is a vital issue, not only for our nation, but for our world.

Providence, RI – In our more thoughtful moments, we stop to appreciate - really appreciate - some of life's most common comforts, say, the food we eat throughout the day, the water we drink, and the roof that's over our head. Sunil Bhatia reminds us that we ought to keep one other of life's most basic comforts on that list.

Providence, RI – Ah, love. When it works out, the sun shines on our soul, our hearts spill over, and life is good. But there are those times in our lives when love seems out of reach or, even worse, the source of unspeakable pain. Shanna Wells tells us that love, in all of its stunningly complicated forms, is essential in our lives.

Providence, RI – Resident company members Janice Duclos, Fred Sullivan, Jr., and Stephen Thorne join Curt Columbus and Bob Seay with three stories by the author of All the King's Men:

* "A Christian Education"
* "The Confession of Brother Grimes"
* "The Patented Gate and the Mean Hamburger"

Providence, RI – By MARTINA WINDELS -- Currently on view at the RISD Museum of Art is a 40 year retrospective of drawings by artist Pat Steir. Mostly known for her large paintings, this exhibition, titled "Drawing out of line" focuses on Steir's drawings.

Providence, RI – You know those moments in life when your hopes are dashed, those times when your carefully calculated plans took a sharp left instead of a soft right, those instances when you've had to regroup in order to make it through the day? Ryan Cipriano tells us about just such a time in his life, and about the profound insights he reached in the middle of it all.

Providence, RI – All of us have found ourselves in a library at some point in our lives. On their surface, libraries are bricks and mortar structures that house books and other publications. Yet, as Deborah Barchi tells us, libraries serve a much larger purpose in our lives, a purpose that extends far beyond their physical holdings.

Providence, RI – Seasoned Rhode Islanders know that Roger Williams' legacy runs deep. His place in the Ocean State's history is woven inextricably into our fabric. And, as Mike Fink notes, Roger Williams lives in our hearts as well.

Providence, RI – NPR listeners love the stories we air that feature in-depth analysis of complex and nuanced issues examined from every possible angle. These are the stories that inform, the stories that tax our brains. But most of us feel saturated at times, even burdened, by hard news stories, no matter how skillfully they're constructed. As Kim Baker reminds us, sometimes we need to simply let go, let our hair down, and let loose.

Providence, RI – Resident acting company members Angela Brazil, Rachael Warren, and Joe Wilson, Jr. join Curt Columbus and Bob Seay with a delicious selection of food writing by Jhumpa Lahiri, Mary Cantwell, Evan Hunter, and Langston Hughes. Dig in!

Providence, RI – On this month's edition of Rhode Island Artscape, we hear readings and an interview with the Rhode Island Black Storytellers.

Providence, RI – Death. It's not a pleasant subject, of course, yet all of us know of its inevitability, in our own lives and those of the people we love. Sadly, for many the end of life is filled with a toxic mix of pain, suffering, and an agonizing loss of control. But, as Dr. Joan Teno notes, life does not have to end this way. Indeed, we know better.

Providence, RI – As we race around in our lives, between hither and yon, and between our mundane daily tasks and life's occasional crises, how many of us really notice nature's creatures and its other assorted bounty that cross our paths - the flowers, the birds, the insects, even the neighbor's pet? Cara Murray certainly notices, and she has her own very special way of showing it.

Providence, RI – Perhaps you have noticed that endearing bumper sticker pasted to the rear end of some cars that advises all of us to "Commit Random Acts of Kindness." Maybe you read that line and snicker, or maybe you take the advice to heart, believing that our world could be a better place if all of us committed random acts of kindness. Bill Miles surely believes in this bumper sticker's wisdom.

Providence, RI – How often have you uttered the phrase, "out of the mouths of babes," or some such sentiment about the remarkable wisdom that children often display? Haven't all of us had moments when we've been stunned by children's stunning insights about the workings of the world and about the people in their lives? Jim Stahl shares his insights about listening to children.