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Providence, RI – This month we discuss the future of the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals with the festival founder George Wein, and Bill Gale reports on the work and history of 2nd Story Theater in Warren.

Providence, RI – One of the hallmarks of adolescence is indecision. Should I wear this sweater or that sweater? Should I go out with this friend tomorrow or that friend? Should I wear my hair this way or that way? Thirteen-year-old Ruby Stenhouse takes us for a walk through her uncertainty.
Stenhouse is an eighth grader at the Wheeler School in Providence. She dances ballet and enjoys art and creative writing at school.

Providence, RI – Many people who are remarkably successful in their public lives find themselves tormented by some kind of intense, nagging, private agony. Some succumb to this inner turmoil; others thrive as they discover a resolve they didn't know they had. Jeffrey Sparr tells us about his deeply personal struggles, and his inspiring triumph. Years ago Sparr started a textile business in Rhode Island, which he travels all over the world to run.

Providence, RI – Most of us have spent some time thinking about the origin of life as we've come to know it, the beauty of the forest, and the mysteries of the ocean. For some, a higher power explains it all - for others, evolution holds the key that unlocks the door. Kenneth Miller shares his passionate beliefs about how life unfolds. Miller is professor of biology at Brown University.

Providence, RI – Listen to an extended version of our conversation with Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, playwright and artistic director of Mixed Magic Theater in Pawtucket.

Providence, RI – This month on Rhode Island Artscape - how local theaters are exploring black history this February. Trinty Rep is staging the black theater classic "Raisin in the Sun" and helping local teachers develop strategies for their classrooms.

Also, a conversation with Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, the artistic director of Mixed Magic Theater in Pawtucket, and the author of a new play that reflects on the civil rights movement.

Providence, RI – Many of us obsess about what we'll name our children, our beloved pets, or perhaps a boat that's moored in Narragansett Bay. Anne Grant explores the profound meaning of the names in our lives, especially when we have a choice about them. The Reverend Anne Grant of Providence is a retired United Methodist minister whose denomination, she notes, restricts her from performing weddings for same-sex couples.

Providence, RI – Throughout our lives, many of us have encountered rude awakenings - those sudden, sometimes tragic, events that throw us for a loop, take the wind out of our sails, and turn our worlds upside down. Fritz Lanz found himself in the middle of one of these life crises; he reflects on the lessons he learned about how to cope with unexpected trauma. Lanz teaches math at Riverside Middle School in East Providence, RI.

Providence, RI – All of us have encountered that painful moment in life when we realize, perhaps for the first time, that something precious to us - really precious to us - is drifting away. Gayle Goldin reflects on that challenging moment in her life, and on the path she has traveled since then. Goldin is a consultant in the nonprofit sector and the board president of Adoption Rhode Island. She lives with her husband and two young sons in Providence.

Providence, RI – Sadly, many of us have experienced profound trauma in our lives - trauma that, over time, has a great deal to do with the people we become, the struggles we face, our triumphs in life, and our passions. Kim Baker tells us about trauma in her life that, until very recently, was a deep, dark secret. Today, she is empowered by her past. Baker has been teaching writing in academe and business for 16 years.

Providence, RI – This month's Rhode Island Artscape features our performing arts critic Bill Gale talking with former Trinity Rep artistic director Oskar Eustis now at the Public Theater in New York.

Providence, RI – An all-new show featuring Grace Paley's "The Loudest Voice," Italo Calvino's "Santa's Children" and Loudon Wainwright's "The Annual Crisis of Love." Joining artistic director Curt Columbus are resident company actors Angela Brazil, William Damkoehler, Janice Duclos and Joe Wilson, Jr.