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Deborah Becker speaks with two artist who will be among the hundreds of artists and performers at First Night Providence this year.

An artist at the Rhode Island School of Design tells the story of women who gave up custody of their children.

120 years ago, a group of artists formed the Providence Arts Club.

Providence – Because of a lack of exhibition space and artist gathering places in Providence, a group of artists and collectors formed an art club in the city.

While that sounds as something that could happen in 2002, this occurred 120 years ago when the Providence Art Club was formed. The club, which is often compared with its contemporary AS220, now has some 700 members and changes its gallery exhibits every two weeks.

Cambodian artist Vann Nath survived the Khmer Rouge regime by painting for his captors. Now he paints for himself and uses his brush to depict war and its aftermath.


"Cloud Nine" compares the repressive sexual mores of the Victorian age with the erotic free-for-all of the 1980s.

Providence, RI –

When "Cloud Nine" premiered in 1980, its satiric target was Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her conservative reinvention of the British Empire. Today, a liberal prime minister, Tony Blair, is in charge of the country and the progressive ideals championed by playwright Caryl Churchill look somewhat tweedy. The sexual revolution has long come and gone.

The Trinity Repertory Company revives Thornton Wilder's 1942 comedy about mankind's knack for survival.

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Photo by Robert Tucker

James Rasheed's comedy about misbehaving accountants deals with pre-Enron corporate corruption.

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Geoffrey O'Brien's new book charts the terrain for "Castaways of the Image Planet."

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Twenty years ago, the stately "New York Review of Books" didn't deign to cover much pop culture, aside from analytic examinations of boxing (via Joyce Carol Oates) or the peculiar ruminations of John Updike on his crushes for such movie stars as Doris Day. The exceptions prove the rule: Joan Didion got a free pass on pop subjects, but that was because she turned in rigorous pieces on cultural politics.

Steven Spielberg's latest creation is an Oedipus story retold as a futuristic thriller.

Providence, RI – Listen to Here and Now's review.

Hershey Felder's one-man homage chronicles the life and music of one of America's most successful songwriters.

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A Broadway hit, "Wit" revolves around a female professor's tragicomic battle with cancer.

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Samuel Johnson said that death concentrates the mind. In our touchy-feely age, mortality is also expected to do wonders for the heart. In our movies and plays, death provides more of a lesson in humility than a tussle with the spiritual.

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The Perishable Theatre's Tenth Annual International Women's Playwriting Festival serves up three new plays about women in distress.

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"Copenhagen" is an unlikely stage hit: it revolves around what two physicists remember about developing the atomic bomb.

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A new book by Rachel Simmons claims there is an epidemic: American girls are getting meaner and meaner.

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The Trinity Repertory Company puts an American spin on an English adaptation of the 1908 classic "Peter Pan."

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