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James Rasheed's comedy about misbehaving accountants deals with pre-Enron corporate corruption.

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Geoffrey O'Brien's new book charts the terrain for "Castaways of the Image Planet."

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Twenty years ago, the stately "New York Review of Books" didn't deign to cover much pop culture, aside from analytic examinations of boxing (via Joyce Carol Oates) or the peculiar ruminations of John Updike on his crushes for such movie stars as Doris Day. The exceptions prove the rule: Joan Didion got a free pass on pop subjects, but that was because she turned in rigorous pieces on cultural politics.

Steven Spielberg's latest creation is an Oedipus story retold as a futuristic thriller.

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Hershey Felder's one-man homage chronicles the life and music of one of America's most successful songwriters.

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A Broadway hit, "Wit" revolves around a female professor's tragicomic battle with cancer.

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Samuel Johnson said that death concentrates the mind. In our touchy-feely age, mortality is also expected to do wonders for the heart. In our movies and plays, death provides more of a lesson in humility than a tussle with the spiritual.

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The Perishable Theatre's Tenth Annual International Women's Playwriting Festival serves up three new plays about women in distress.

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"Copenhagen" is an unlikely stage hit: it revolves around what two physicists remember about developing the atomic bomb.

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A new book by Rachel Simmons claims there is an epidemic: American girls are getting meaner and meaner.

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The Trinity Repertory Company puts an American spin on an English adaptation of the 1908 classic "Peter Pan."

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A new album by trumpeter Dave Douglas serves up the infinite possibilities of the unique music of Miles Davis.

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2nd Story Theatre is staging "Short-Attention Span Classics," a festival of four programs that feature brief plays by major playwrights.

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2nd Story Theatre figures that today's theatergoers, weaned on television and movies, are tired of plays that take hours to cut to the chase. So why not stage a series of plays that make their point in 30 minutes and under? 2nd Story Theatre director Ed Shea says that the festival of short plays provides a new experience for all kinds of theatergoers.

An exhibition of works by Renaissance master Cosm? Tura gives this neglected artist a chance to finally take center stage.

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Director David Fincher's new movie, starring Jodie Foster, is a thriller about an unsafe armor-plated home.

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The public?s hunger for a good chill that doesn?t involve terrorists or anthrax probably explains why the just-released ?Panic Room? set a new Easter weekend box office record. And if anyone should have been able to give it to them, it?s the film?s director, David Fincher.

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April's theater choices range from strange puppeteers and a compact re-telling of "Faust" to two world premieres that deal legacies of intolerance in America.

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Here is an opinionated list of shows premiering this month that look promising at least on paper -- but, of course, I take no responsibility for eventual reality.

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Playwright Tony Kushner has a knack for seeing into the future. In 1998 he began writing "Homebody/Kabul" a play about life in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime.

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