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News Director

Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR) is based in the historic Union Station building in the heart of beautiful Providence, RI. Home to Brown University and the famous Rhode Island School of Design the City of Providence has become a haven for artists and entertainers. With the largest number of working artists in the country, Providence boasts an eclectic mix of galleries, theaters and museums and has one of the most vibrant culinary scenes in the nation. Rhode Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and is a short distance from both Boston and New York.

Founded in 2007, RIPR broadcasts on WRNI-FM 102.7, WELH, 88.1 FM and WCVY 91.5 FM. RIPR has won over thirty Associated Press Awards for news coverage, seven Public Radio News Directors Inc. Awards and five prestigious RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Awards.

Summary: Rhode Island Public Radio is seeking a News Director to help fulfill its mission to become the most trusted multi-media source for quality journalism in The Ocean State. Responsible for generating and coordinating on-air and digital, local and regional news that meets public radio standards, the News Director will supervise news content and work closely with the Operations Manager to advance RIPR's goals. The individual selected will manage the local and regional news content in the newscasts that air during Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and special programming to ensure they comply with public radio core values and support the RIPR mission.

As the director of an award winning staff of eight as well as freelancers and interns, the ND will help to develop ideas for interview and story topics, work with reporters to write and edit stories, and ensure a robust digital presence. The successful candidate will oversee newsroom staff to produce a mix of program content, including news, features, in-depth pieces, interviews, actualities and readers. The ND will support the General Manager and Operations Manager to attain station goals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Guides and oversees news production and planning across mediums (on-air, online, social media)- Guides coverage of major stories, special series, special programs and daily news and features both online and on the air.
  2. Coordinates news coverage in all formats- Plans coverage with the value of all formats in mind -- newscasts, programs, online and documentaries.
  3. Assigns and edits newscast and feature stories- Works with reporters, free-lancers, hosts and producers to develop a steady mix of breaking news, in-depth reporting and feature material for all parts of the broadcast day.
  4. Oversees daily newscasts throughout the broadcast day- Plans coverage for newscasts throughout the day and the week. Assures that newscasts are accurate, fair, balanced and consistent with public radio’s core values and RIPR’s news standards and ethics. Strives to ensure different geographic areas of the state and different points of view are regularly represented.
  5. Oversees digital news content for RIPR.org- RIPR.org offers news and features related to broadcast and unique to online, being updated several times per day.
  6. Supervises on-air hosts and producers- Works with hosts and producers of Morning Edition, All Things Considered and weekends in planning content for newscasts, 2-ways, and debriefs consistent with RIPR’s mission, values and ethics.
  7. Assures journalistic standards are upheld- Newscasts and stories are accurate, fair, balanced and adhere to best practices and NPR code of ethics.
  8. Oversees the "repurposing" of content to make the best use of material while keeping it fresh for a different newscast- Encourages staff to think how a piece can be used in multiple ways. Includes making bite scripts out of spots, working with reporters to develop different approaches to the same spot for another newscast, and taking bites or spots from interviews.
  9. Coordinates newscast contributions to RIPR.org including posting content to the website, managing photos and web extras- Proficient in posting material to the site. Seeks out new material that's suited to Web use. Ensures that the site is updated consistently to include breaking news as necessary.
  10. Reports stories for newscasts- Generates story ideas, reports, records in the field, takes photos and produces spots and features, when necessary.
  11. Managing, evaluating, and developing the news team- Develops an effective staff with individuals developing their skills, working well together, and working well with other departments.
  12. Serving as a member of RIPR’s Management Team, sharing responsibility for the ongoing operation of the whole organization- Works effectively with peers on projects impacting the whole organization. Effectively coordinates activities to mesh with those of other departments as needed. Recognized by peers as an effective teammate.
  13. Develops personal skills and characteristics that model what is desired in all employees- Demonstrates a high level of commitment and dedication to the mission and continuous improvement of RIPR, a high level of energy, and an obvious enthusiasm for the work of RIPR.
  14. Encourages reporters to file for NPR- Opportunities for NPR spots are identified regularly.
  15. Supervises and develops roster of free-lance reporters, producers and on-air hosts- Works with interns, part-time producers, and freelance announcers to train and develop fill-ins and future employees.
  16. Involved in ongoing professional development for the benefit of RIPR- Appropriate certifications/training are renewed as needed.
  17. Representing RIPR to the national public radio community and regional business/civic organizations. Maintaining strong working relationships with relevant national associations- Effectively represents RIPR as needed at the regional and national level.


  1. A high level of commitment and dedication to the mission of RIPR and public radio. Personally volunteers support for public radio – either financially or in other ways.
  2. A high level of energy.  An obvious enthusiasm for the work of RIPR. Outgoing, friendly with co-workers, and demonstrates an appropriate sense of humor.
  3. Acting consistently with the highest standards of journalism, business ethics and personal integrity.  Preserving confidentiality appropriately. Stewarding resources with prudence and accountability.
  4. Serving as an excellent ambassador for RIPR, both formally and informally. Helping listeners, potential listeners connect with RIPR.
  5. Facilitating excellent communications across departments, among employees, with the Board, with the public, and with relevant national organizations. Fostering open and candid relationships with RIPR listeners and contributors. Managing conflict constructively.
  6. Demonstrating a commitment to the continuous improvement of RIPR’s ability to fulfill its mission and vision. Demonstrating and encouraging creativity and enthusiasm for this work.
  7. Effectively working to strengthen the public radio community nationally. Being recognized by peers for knowledge of the craft, demonstrated expertise and success, and commitment to the cause.
  8. Expressing consistent, high performance expectations for themselves, their department, RIPR’s leadership, and RIPR. With staff: helping them develop a high level of commitment to their mission and excellent teamwork. Helping develop employee skills and abilities, mentoring well, and helping employees realize their professional goals. Attracting and retaining great employees.
  9. Developing a broad understanding of all of RIPR’s departments sufficient to collaborate effectively with peers, ensure excellent communication and teamwork among departments, contribute significantly to RIPR’s general management, and help other managers do their jobs more effectively.


Supervises newsroom staff and free-lance reporters and hosts


Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree and at least five years of relevant experience in broadcast journalism or related fields. Two years of supervisory or managerial experience.

Essential Skills: Strong organizational, communications (written and verbal), and interpersonal skills required. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively.  Demonstrated knowledge of journalism ethics and principles. Well-informed about the state and region and eager to learn. Must work under deadline pressure. May be required to work evenings or weekend hours.

Application materials may be submitted via Jobvite here.

General Manager

Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR) seeks an energetic, experienced and enthusiastic leader with strong fundraising, journalistic and business management skills to lead a three-station network towards a shared vision of becoming the most trusted multimedia source for news in Rhode Island.

Since RIPR’s inception in the 1990s to its current status as a national award winning news organization with an excellent reputation in a highly educated and engaged community, RIPR has continued to reach new heights of broadcast excellence.

RIPR has a weekly audience of approximately 50,000 people, with 6,000 contributors, a staff of 17 full time and 5 part time employees, and a total budget of $2.6 million.

RIPR is committed to providing all Rhode Islanders with quality journalism and compelling storytelling that educates, informs and inspires. RIPR’s stellar news staff has won 52 journalism awards.

In 1998, WRNI was launched as an affiliate of WBUR and Boston University, rebroadcasting WBUR content. In 2006-2007, Rhode Island Public Radio was incorporated, took over operation of WRNI and began expanding its own content.  RIPR is the source for news and information for Rhode Island; it is the only NPR affiliate reaching listeners in the Ocean State with local programming and news coverage.

RIPR is an independent, member supported nonprofit organization with a local board of directors. It owns and operates WRNI (102.7 FM) that covers much of the southern part of the state. RIPR also broadcasts on WELH (88.1 FM) and WCVY (91.5 FM). RIPR is also the licensee of WRNI (1290 AM); it licenses the right to broadcast on this station to Latino Public Radio.

In a short period of time, and during a period which has brought significant challenges to other media entities, RIPR has grown from founding to an enterprise with a solid financial structure, strong management team, well respected and highly performing news room, and dedicated listeners, contributors and important stakeholders.  RIPR seeks an outstanding leader to shepherd RIPR and its supporters and listeners into the next stage of development, one in which we fulfill our robust mission and reach our entire community in new ways.

RIPR is based in the historic Union Station building in the heart of beautiful Providence, Rhode Island. Home to Brown University and the famous Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island has an important and rich history in the United States. Today, Rhode Island is an outstanding arena of academia, scientific research, world-class art, music and theatre. Providence boasts the largest number of working artists in the country with a broad and eclectic mix of galleries, theaters and museums and one of the most vibrant culinary scenes in the nation. Rhode Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and is a short distance from both Boston and New York City.

Together, the board and staff of RIPR have developed a profile of the ideal candidate to be General Manager of RIPR. The person the board will select as our next leader will be the candidate whose record and abilities most closely match this profile.

Fundraising: Excited about generating financial resources for RIPR. Effective fundraiser with a demonstrated track record, knowledge of and expertise at the General Manager role in fundraising and resource development, who can be:

  • Comfortable with and effective at asking for money for RIPR;
  • Comprehensive understanding of fundraising strategies and methods in public media (membership, underwriting, and major and planned giving) and beyond;
  • Capable at and creative with new philanthropic fundraising strategies. While RIPR is already very successful at converting listeners to members and members to major givers, the new leader will be able to continue to develop RIPR organizational staff and board fundraising capacity, as we continue to evolve beyond transactional membership-based revenues into philanthropic fundraising, including identifying and dealing with any internal cultural and operational blocks to success with major donor and planned giving efforts;

Industry Knowledge (Radio, Internet, etc.): Knowledge of media and trends in technology and consumption of media, including:

  • Profound understanding of the issues of operating a journalistic enterprise, especially including managing the journalistic firewall. We prefer a leader with journalistic experience and/or experience leading a news organization.
  • A high level of understanding of dynamics, issues and trends in public radio (including the need to continue to develop our organization into an essential local institution), and ability to lead RIPR in this area;
  • Has experience/skills needed to expand the service area of a public radio signal;
  • We prefer a leader with public media experience. If coming from outside public radio, deep passion for and knowledge of public radio (listener, supporter);
  • Understanding/experience with issues related to non-profit organizations; and
  • Is technologically competent, comfortable with/aware of digital and social media, able to keep us current with all the different platforms.

Strategic Focus: Powerful understanding and use of strategy in organizational direction, including goal setting, prioritizing and sequencing change:

  • Able to continuously develop, execute and evaluate strategic plans, in concert with other stakeholders, and champion strategic perspectives;
  • Knowledge of population, technology and media consumption trends in Rhode Island and the region; 
  • An understanding and expertise in networking and benchmarking with other organizations to increase RIPR’s effectiveness.
  • Knowledge of dynamics affecting current and future environment of RIPR (especially the extremely volatile media environment) and effective at maximizing the organization in response to these dynamics;

Leadership: We seek an enthusiastic leader who will work with our board, staff and stakeholders to develop a compelling vision for public media. This individual will be entrepreneurial, collaborative and externally focused, helping RIPR become an even more significant institution:

  • Is personable, with great people skills, including being able to flex her or his style, comfortable and effective at engaging multiple constituencies with diverse outlooks;
  • Is selfless - puts the mission of RIPR first;
  • Leads from the front – comfortable with and knows when to be hands-on for the sake of the team, including identifying organizational obstacles and facilitating their resolution;
  • Is charismatic – has a presence people can connect with, and makes interactions about the other person and not him or herself.

Integrity: Our most important asset is the trust our audience, the people of Rhode Island and the region have in our programming and in RIPR as an institution. The RIPR General Manager will:

  • Be an authentic, courageous, ethical person of substance with strong awareness and sense of self, and clear, high standards for him or herself and others;
  • Be honest with him or herself and others;
  • Understand and practice confidentiality when called for, as well as organizational and financial transparency;
  • Understand and have commitment to journalistic independence, integrity, and ethics

Relationship Development/Community Relationships/Public Presence: We adhere to the model common for university presidents and other community based non-profit organizations, in which the leader spends approximately half their time in outward-facing community work. Rhode Island is a geographically compact, relationship-based community.  We believe a key to continued growth in service and effectiveness of the enterprise will be developing and maintaining strong partnerships. The leader we seek will:

  • Significantly grow RIPR’s presence in Rhode Island and the region, have personal qualities the community can connect with, and over a short period of time will become an active participant and recognized leader in our region;
  • Demonstrate a record of community engagement and collaboration, and of developing partnerships with individuals and organizations;
  • Have a high level of energy for evening and weekend event attendance as well as the travel involved throughout the state;
  • Have authentic enthusiasm for our region in its geographic and demographic diversity; and
  • Be comfortable and effective with wide range of people, including at high levels of civic leadership in the region and being seen and accepted as a respected peer.

Communication: Highly developed public and private communication skills, with an open, engaging style, including:

  • Comfort with and command of communication including speaking, writing and social media;
  • Being a skillful listener;
  • Is inspiring and respectful, connecting in a real way with people;
  • Is an effective spokesperson for the organization and its journalism and community service focused mission.

Vision: In the context of the massive changes the Internet is having on availability and use of media, the general manager must have the ability to project RIPR’s needs into the long-term future; see and understand future trends in media, and related fields and their impact on RIPR’s operations, and;

  • Be a big picture person;
  • Have a learning orientation, including demonstrated methods for gathering, assimilating and making meaning out of information about the changing media, technology and demographic landscape;
  • Be able to balance vision with doing, including enrolling others in working together to execute vision;

Passion: Someone who is energized powerfully by the direction and public service/journalistic mission of RIPR and public radio and:

  • Has enthusiasm, zeal and commitment to the heritage and future of RIPR, public media’s future including as a source for local content, and for new and innovative service delivery mechanisms;
  • Has passion in a way that engages others and generates high morale, loyalty and action by staff, supporters and leaders in the community.

Manager of People and Operations: An experienced, respectful, results oriented manager with a full set of business skills, as well as strong internal relationship skills and experience supervising a staff and working with a board, including:

  • Mindset of an effective manager of operations, including attention to detail;
  • Committed and effective manager of people, including supervising, developing and mentoring the RIPR staff. Have combination of personal characteristics such as comfort with self, warmth and strength necessary to grow the alignment, effectiveness and enthusiasm of the group;
  • Financial Acumen: Experience with business aspects of managing a public media organization including developing and managing budgets, cash flow and the investment/cost-benefit aspects of maintaining a complex, technological physical plant;
  • Experienced and effective working with boards – able to work collaboratively with the RIPR board of directors to grow the effectiveness and engagement of the board;
  • Commitment to and record of effectiveness with managing and developing diversity in staff and board.

TO APPLY: The board of directors of RIPR is being assisted in this search by Livingston Associates. For consideration, please submit a letter of introduction including your vision for the future of public media and how you will be the ideal person to lead the organization in achieving that vision, resume, and contact information for a minimum of 3 professional references. 

Date for full consideration: Friday, April 3, 2015

Apply at: http://livingstonassociates.net/openings.html#RIPRGM

Inquiries are welcome with Livingston Associates at (410) 243-1974. Rhode Island Public Radio does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, disability, medical condition, or sexual orientation. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Audio Production Internships

Rhode Island Public Radio is not currently seeking audio production interns. For future reference: the intern will work one, three-hour shift per week on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday for approximately 2 to 4 months. Duties include: editing music for use as background and buttons; editing promos for local features and events; editing national programming promos for local broadcast; assisting the Operations & Production Manager with other audio production tasks. Familiarity with digital audio or video editing software is preferred. To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to James Baumgartner: james@ripr.org.

Newsroom Internships

Rhode Island Public Radio is currently seeking interns for the newsroom internship. Interns will work two, four-hour shifts per week in the newsroom writing and producing stories for the daily newscasts. Duties include: researching, interviewing both in the newsroom and out in the field, editing audio, and writing news copy. Interns will also post their stories on the RIPR website and assist with other duties in the newsroom. This is a great opportunity to learn the core skills of broadcast journalism while working alongside experienced journalists. Internship shifts run from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM or Noon - 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to Elisabeth Harrison: eharrison@ripr.org.


To learn about volunteer opportunities, please visit the volunteering page.   



Rhode Island Public Radio does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, disability, medical condition, or sexual orientation. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

In accordance with FCC guidelines, Rhode Island Public Radio is required to provide notification of full-time job vacancies to organizations involved in assisting job seekers upon request by such organization. As a public service, Rhode Island Public Radio Human Resources office will provide notification of jobs to interested organizations. To request notification, write:

Rhode Island Public Radio
1 Union Station
Providence, RI 02903

For our EEO Reports, please download the PDF's below.