Anna Prager en Monday, February 4, 2013 <p>A Warwick man was working at the 2013 Super Bowl game. Tensions are flaring between the teachers unions and the Education Commissioner.&nbsp;&nbsp; These stories and more on the RIPR Morning Podcast.&nbsp;</p><p><br>Do you have insight or expertise on this topic? Please email us, we'd like to hear from you.&nbsp; <a href=""></a></p> Mon, 04 Feb 2013 15:22:29 +0000 Lydia Rogers 9722 at Courthouse Center Stage hopes to re-open in 6 months <p>Financial pressures have forced the temporary closure of the Courthouse Center Stage in West Kingston.&nbsp;&nbsp; The popular theater will be mothballed for six months as it mounts a $100K capital drive, according to board member Anna Prager. "Yes, I am extremely disappointed but at the same time I am hopeful that if we suspend programming and concentrate on fundraising we can start in new and better shape."<br>&nbsp;<br>Prager says they cut back staff so much they realized it was impossible to mount productions, raise money and tend to an aging, historic building all at the same time. Mon, 04 Feb 2013 14:10:50 +0000 Flo Jonic 9717 at