taxi en RI Public Utilities Commission Will Take Another Look At Limo Charge <p>The Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission said it will consider a new minimum limousine charge, after four limousine companies sued over a $40 minimum charge.</p><p>The $40 minimum charge for a limousine ride was supposed to go into effect November 11<sup>th</sup>. But the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission agreed to suspend enforcement after four limousine companies sued.</p> Tue, 19 Nov 2013 19:48:27 +0000 Flo Jonic 25071 at Charges of alleged corruption at Logan cab stands <p>Cab stand workers at Boston’s Logan Airport are accused of corruption.&nbsp; Five men are being arraigned Wednesday on charges of taking bribes.<br><br>Cabs operating legally at Logan report to a taxi pool where they are dispatched to terminal cab stands in order.&nbsp; Prosecutors claim the cab stand workers collected between $20 and $40&nbsp; from any cab driver who wanted to cut in line.&nbsp; Longer-distance fares would also be steered to some of the cabbies.<br><br>Some of the drivers told investigators this system nearly doubled their daily earnings.<br> Wed, 13 Feb 2013 13:11:48 +0000 Lydia Rogers 10254 at