small business en HealthSource RI Offers New Plans For Small Businesses <p>Many small businesses will be renewing health insurance coverage for their employees beginning in September. And HealthSource RI head Christine Ferguson says she hopes small business owners will consider plans on the state’s health insurance exchange. They’ll find some new options this time around, she says.</p><p>“We are in the finalization of the plan design. And we have plans that cost less than they cost last year," said Ferguson. "And we have a wider range of options. We have more carriers in the market for individuals as well as on the employer side.”</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 19:20:37 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 37512 at Looking At Next Year's Changes To The State's Health Insurance Landscape <p>How much will health insurance cost you next year? Well, you’ll find out soon. Health insurers have submitted their plans for next year, including how much they want to charge customers and what benefits those plans will include.</p><p>In Rhode Island, it’s the office of the health insurance commissioner that reviews those plans and decides whether to approve or reject them, or ask for some changes.</p> Thu, 19 Jun 2014 13:23:04 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 35441 at Looking At Next Year's Changes To The State's Health Insurance Landscape Small Businesses Ask Insurance Commissioner For Relief <p>Small business owners are hoping the state’s health insurance commissioner will hold the line on the cost of health insurance for next year. The commissioner’s office is taking public comment on those proposed rates now. And at a public hearing last night, several small business owners testified about how rising insurance costs are eating into their bottom line. Bruce Dawson owns Central Tools in Pawtucket.</p><p></p> Wed, 18 Jun 2014 19:55:12 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 35395 at Small Businesses Ask Insurance Commissioner For Relief Bonus Q+A: Mollis on the Master Lever, His Record as Secretary of State + More <p>Secretary of State Ralph Mollis joins us on Bonus Q+A to talk about his record after two terms in the job, his qualifications for lieutenant governor and a range of other issues.</p><p></p> Fri, 04 Oct 2013 08:00:00 +0000 Ian Donnis 22659 at RI's Congressional Delegation Slams Shutdown <p>Rhode Island&rsquo;s congressional delegation is roundly criticizing House Republicans&nbsp; over the budget impasse. Over the weekend Republican lawmakers agreed to continue funding the government beyond midnight Monday provided there&rsquo;s a one year delay in the implementation of Obamacare; a proposal that&rsquo;s dead on arrival in the Senate and the White House.</p><p></p><p></p><p>Congressman David Cicilline calls the House Republican caucus strategy the &ldquo;height of irresponsibility&rdquo; and he has harsh words for House Speaker John Boehner.</p> Mon, 30 Sep 2013 14:22:22 +0000 Flo Jonic 22447 at Little Rhody's Big Image Problem <p>Once again, Rhode Island has embarked on an advertising campaign to raise our state’s flagging self-esteem. RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay says it’s time for us to stop running down our tiny corner of New England.</p><p>Back in 1996, when Jack Reed was running his first U.S. Senate campaign, Texas Gov. Ann Richards came to Newport to speak at a Reed fund-raiser. The tart-tongued Texan introduced the vertically-challenged Rhode Island Democrat by saying to prolonged laughter that Reed is proof ``that size doesn’t matter.’’</p><p></p> Mon, 05 Aug 2013 12:27:43 +0000 Scott MacKay 19524 at Little Rhody's Big Image Problem Health Insurers Seek Rate Hikes for 2014 <p>Rhode Island health insurers have filed their requests for increases in premium rates next year. Some small businesses and individuals could see some significant hikes.</p><p>Small businesses could see their plan rates drop as much as 20 percent or spike as much as 40 percent. But the average Blue Cross increase is expected to be about 15 percent. Tufts asked for about 13 percent.</p> Wed, 17 Apr 2013 19:42:29 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 13737 at Health Insurers Seek Rate Hikes for 2014 Urban Farm Supply Store Draws Debate <p></p><p>A new farm and garden supply store on the West Side of Providence has become a source of neighborhood controversy. &nbsp;Residents rallied Sunday in support of the business called Cluck!.</p><p></p><p>About a hundred people sipped coffee and munched on scones at the Sunday morning rally.&nbsp; They were there to support a new store that aims to supply small growers and chicken farmers in the city.&nbsp; Community member Alice Danahy says the storefront, which used to be an abandoned gas station, was an eyesore.</p> Mon, 15 Apr 2013 14:08:53 +0000 Elisabeth Harrison & Natalie Jablonski 13586 at Urban Farm Supply Store Draws Debate No Delay for Rhode Island's Health Insurance Exchange for Small Businesses <p>The federal government is pushing back the launch of an online health insurance marketplace for small businesses that’s part of the Affordable Care Act. But there will be no delay in Rhode Island.</p> Wed, 03 Apr 2013 20:04:15 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 13009 at The Bottom Line: Why the EDC is Sitting on $3.5M for Small Business <p>Providence Business News Editor Mark Murphy joins Rhode Island Public Radio's Dave Fallon for a weekly business segment we're calling "The Bottom Line." Each Friday it looks at business news and themes that affect local business and the public.</p><p>This week Dave and Mark take a look into why it’s been a problem for the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation to find local companies to share what’s ballooned into a $3.5 million grant for small businesses.</p><p><strong>When to Listen</strong></p><p>You can hear The Bottom Line each Friday at 5:50pm.</p> Fri, 22 Feb 2013 18:34:09 +0000 Dave Fallon 10807 at The Bottom Line: Why the EDC is Sitting on $3.5M for Small Business