supplemental tax en Citizens Attempt to Stop Tax Increase in Woonsocket <p>A group of citizens has filed a lawsuit in Superior Court in an attempt to stop a supplemental tax increase in Woonsocket.&nbsp; Woonsocket officials hope to use the tax to overcome a persistent budget crisis.</p> Wed, 21 Aug 2013 12:33:23 +0000 Ian Donnis 20387 at Woonsocket Supplemental Tax Bill Returns to Statehouse <p></p><p>The budget commission that’s running the city of Woonsocket has asked area lawmakers to introduce a bill that would authorize a $2.5 million dollar supplemental tax increase. &nbsp;It’s part of a plan to bail out the financially distressed community.</p><p>The average Woonsocket resident would pay an additional $150 in property taxes and $90 in vehicle taxes under terms of a supplemental tax bill introduced by two state lawmakers. The aim is to raise $2.5 million. It’s part of a larger plan to erase a $17 million deficit over the next five years.</p> Tue, 09 Apr 2013 11:58:48 +0000 Flo Jonic 13260 at Woonsocket Supplemental Tax Bill Returns to Statehouse