flooding http://ripr.org en TheEC: Zapped in Narragansett http://ripr.org/post/theec-zapped-narragansett <p>Not nearly as romantic as "<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_in_Austen">Lost in Austen</a>", but the hefty thunderstorms that roared through Wednesday morning dumped a lot of rain and dropped a lot of lightning, both of which conspired to take RIPR's 102.7FM (and MVYradio's HD2) off the air for an hour or two.</p> Thu, 17 Jul 2014 22:26:27 +0000 Aaron Read 36919 at http://ripr.org Thunderstorms Today, Ahead Of Arthur http://ripr.org/post/thunderstorms-today-ahead-arthur <p>Hurricane Arthur is churning towards New England. But forecasters are worried about an entirely <em>different</em> weather system hitting the area today.&nbsp;</p><p>National Weather Service meteorologist Glenn Field is hunkering down for a busy day. This afternoon and evening, Field says he’s watching a cold front that’s on track to bring severe weather and a couple of inches of rain to Rhode Island.</p> Thu, 03 Jul 2014 17:04:42 +0000 Kristin Gourlay 36187 at http://ripr.org Flood Warning Remains In Effect For Rhode Island http://ripr.org/post/flood-warning-remains-effect-rhode-island <p>Flood warnings remain in effect for Rhode Island rivers, but forecasters for with the National Weather Service says people shouldn't fear a repeat of the historic floods of March 2010; which were the worst in the state.&nbsp; However residents in Westerly were still worried.</p><p></p><p></p><p>Gail Quatromanni lives in a sprawling ranch with spectacular view of the Pawcatuck River.&nbsp; But it hasn't been looking very pretty in the last couple days.&nbsp; In a 24 hour period starting Sunday morning, Quatromanni said the river rose 19 inches.</p> Tue, 01 Apr 2014 12:36:08 +0000 Flo Jonic 31344 at http://ripr.org Flood Warning Remains In Effect For Rhode Island TheEC: West River Runs High Through 1290 http://ripr.org/post/theec-west-river-runs-high-through-1290 <p>As many of you know, RIPR owns and maintains the 1290AM site on the Providence/North Providence town line. &nbsp;Our NPR satellite downlink is there, and we lease the frequency to our friends at <a href="http://www.lprri.org">Latino Public Radio</a>.</p><p>In the past, the site was largely a pond (Whipple Pond) with Douglas Ave forming part of a dam in the eastern corner. &nbsp; After the torrential rains of 2010, the dam broke and the pond drained. &nbsp;Now the West River flows freely through the site.</p> Mon, 31 Mar 2014 14:41:24 +0000 Aaron Read 31289 at http://ripr.org TheEC: West River Runs High Through 1290 With Heavy Rains, Rhode Island On Flood Watch http://ripr.org/post/heavy-rains-rhode-island-flood-watch <p>The National Weather Service has Rhode Island under a flood warning after a rainy weekend, and with more to come, the warning will last until Wednesday.</p><p></p><p>Forecasters are watching flooding rivers and streams across the state. Already the Pawcatuk River in Westerly is two feet above it’s seven foot flood stage.&nbsp; Both the Blackstone River in Woonsocket and the Pawtuxet River in Cranston, are about half a foot above their respective flood stages, and meteorologists expect waters to continue to rise.</p> Mon, 31 Mar 2014 13:17:06 +0000 John Bender 31284 at http://ripr.org With Heavy Rains, Rhode Island On Flood Watch Flood-Prone Homes In Cranston Demolished, Returning to Wetlands http://ripr.org/post/flood-prone-homes-cranston-demolished-returning-wetlands <p>The demolition of six flood-prone Cranston homes has begun.&nbsp; The homes on Perkins Avenue were badly flooded three years ago and the federal government has bought the homeowners out.&nbsp; It was a bittersweet moment for some Perkins Avenue residents.</p><p></p><p>With Cranston Mayor Allan Fung at the wheel, an excavator made quick work demolishing a two-story bungalow on Perkins Avenue in Cranston. It’s one of six flood-prone homes that are being torn down.&nbsp; Watching from the sidelines was Brian Dupont, whose home next door is also coming down.</p> Thu, 29 Aug 2013 13:22:05 +0000 Flo Jonic 20824 at http://ripr.org Flood-Prone Homes In Cranston Demolished, Returning to Wetlands Rivers Rising Across Rhode Island http://ripr.org/post/rivers-rising-across-rhode-island <p>All eyes are on the Pawtuxet and Pawcatuck rivers as they are expected to rise even higher Friday night. The Blackstone River is also rising.</p><p>Two inches of rain fell between Thursday and Friday morning, according to the National Weather Service. It came in what was already a soggy week in Rhode Island. All the rain has pushed the Pawtuxet River to more than a foot above flood stage. The National Weather Service expects it to crest at 11 feet and remain high through Saturday night.</p> Fri, 14 Jun 2013 19:20:39 +0000 Catherine Welch 16925 at http://ripr.org