circuit en TheEC: Phantom Power <p><strong>BOO!&nbsp;</strong> This time on the Engineer’s Corner, we’ll talk about PHANTOM POWER.&nbsp;&nbsp; Usually not as ghoulish as one might expect, phantom power has to do with microphones.&nbsp;&nbsp; Specifically, some microphones have active circuitry inside them.&nbsp;&nbsp; That means they need power to operate, but it’s unwieldy to run a separate power cord and audio microphone cable.&nbsp;&nbsp; So a phantom circuit is used to provide DC power on the same three wires (positive/hot, negative/cold, and ground) out to the microphone that the audio from the mic also uses.</p><p>A phantom circuit is one of those nifty things in electronics that looks, to the layman, like it can’t possibly work...but it does anyway.&nbsp;&nbsp; Fri, 12 Jul 2013 17:26:02 +0000 Aaron Read 18326 at TheEC: Phantom Power