Dan LeFranc http://ripr.org en The Gamm’s “The Big Meal” Is Satisfying http://ripr.org/post/gamm-s-big-meal-satisfying <p></p><p>In an interview concerning the New York production of “The Big Meal” the 33- year-old author, Dan LeFranc, makes a point of saying that his own growing up saw, quote, “lots of support but also a ton of friction and fear.” &nbsp;And that was “critical in making me the kind of writer and person I am today,” he added.</p><p>Well, that would be a guy who has sharp instincts both for the jugular and the heart. “The Big Meal” checks out those eight folks in all kinds of ways.</p> Tue, 14 Jan 2014 23:01:05 +0000 Bill Gale 27687 at http://ripr.org The Gamm’s “The Big Meal” Is Satisfying