Providence public school en New Standards For RI Teacher's Colleges <p>As public schools focus on raising test scores and getting more students ready for college, there is new scrutiny on teachers and the schools that teach them.</p><p>Rhode Island’s the Board of Education is scheduled to vote tonight on new standards for teacher preparation programs.</p><p>Rhode Island Public Radio's education reporter Elisabeth Harrison spoke with Karen Castagno, head of the education school at Rhode Island College who explained some of the changes they are looking at.</p><p></p> Wed, 13 Nov 2013 13:49:04 +0000 Elisabeth Harrison 24740 at New Standards For RI Teacher's Colleges Report finds shortcomings for English language learners in Providence <p>Providence could do a much better job teaching non-native English speakers, according to a new report from the Council of Great City Schools. The report finds expectations are not high enough in many of the city’s English language learning classrooms. It also says those students are not benefiting from broader efforts to improve Providence Public Schools.</p><p>Providence School officials say they will convene a task force to respond to the recommendations in the report, which was commissioned by the district.</p> Wed, 30 May 2012 18:10:15 +0000 Elisabeth Harrison 8404 at