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Rhode Island and Connecticut are two bordering New England states whose residents have usually gotten along. But RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay wonders has noticed that relations have gotten chippy lately. (Advance copy of commentary scheduled to air Monday.)

On a map, Connecticut and Rhode Island are joined at the hip. Two tiny  New England states whose residents have long kept their resentments and rivalries muted.


Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island reported a $1.7 million loss for 2017,  and the insurer's chief executive officer said Friday he is concerned about proposed cuts in the state's Medicaid budget.

Latino Public Radio will end its programming at 1290 AM after March 31, becoming an internet-based station, due to budgetary issues at LPR, according to the management of Rhode Island Public Radio.

RIPR, which had a programming agreement with LPR, announced this development in a statement from the public-relations firm Duffy & Shanley. According to the statement, LPR terminated its programming agreement with RIPR.

In the end, it’s almost always about money, isn’t it? A bigger paycheck, extra cash for the kids college fund, the retirement account, the vacation to Disney World.

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A Massachusetts-based environmental group says the state has the potential to generate more offshore wind energy than any other state along the East Coast.

Avory Brookins / RIPR

An advocate for environmental justice says communities of color need to take charge of their own economies to better-prepare for the effects of climate change.


Rhode Island is ranked as the 4th most innovative state in New England, and 23rd overall in the country, according to a recent report by WalletHub.

U.S. Sens. Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse were among the Democrats voting with Republicans Tuesday to block a move to end American support for a Saudi-led coalition in a war in Yemen.

"I share the concerns of many colleagues about the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Yemen," Whitehouse said in a statement. "I don't see how precipitous withdrawal of the limited support the U.S. military provides would make things better in achieving our humanitarian or strategic aims, and voting on it without hearings or committee work seems rash."

Ken Conger

A Rhode Island science writer chronicles the fall and rise of sea otters in a new book released Tuesday. 

Scott Indermaur

So many moments in life call for courage and grit. Managing a bad medical diagnosis. Absorbing the unexpected news that you’ve just been laid off from the job you've loved for years. Having your romantic fantasies dashed by the startling text message informing you that your partner has decided it's best to part ways.

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The Berkshire Museum's proposal to sell part of its art collection will go before a single justice of the Massachusetts high court Tuesday.

The Supreme Judicial Court is holding a hearing to look at a deal reached in February between the museum and state attorney general's office.

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President Donald Trump did not make any specific announcement of new funding to fight the opioid epidemic during a speech Monday in New Hampshire.

Rhode Island Department of Public Safety

Fees from Rhode Island's E-911 program have been diverted for other uses since the fees were introduced in 1997.

The E-911 program faces criticism from state Rep. Robert Lancia (R-Cranston), who fears that under-staffing could cause delays in responding to an emergency, and a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, who calls Rhode Island one of the most egregious offenders in diverting funds meant for 911 services.

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Groups tracking hate crimes said there's a marked increase in the number of racist slurs and white supremacist group activity found scrawled on college campuses around the country and in New England.