RISD Students Helping NASA Astronauts In Training

Dec 7, 2016
Aaron Read / RIPR

Students at Rhode Island School of Design are part of a new effort in astronaut training. The group of young designers helped create an imitation spacesuit for training, actual spacesuits are too heavy and expensive. Michael Lye is coordinating the NASA Project at RISD. He said no training suit has been able to fulfill astronaut needs and remain cost effective, until now. “The suit is really trying to replicate what it feels like to wear a real spacesuit but do it here on earth in a way that...

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The embezzlement trial of Dan Doyle now moves into the sentencing phase, following a guilty verdict on all counts Monday. One of Doyle's attorneys says an appeal is likely, because of Doyle’s vocal and unwavering insistence on his innocence, and his belief that he would be vindicated in court.

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Charter school expansion will be up for discussion Tuesday at the state Council on Elementary and Secondary Education. One proposal from charter management group Achievement First has generated objections in Providence. But the state’s education commissioner is backing the plan. State Education Commissioner Ken Wagner says Achievement First should get a green light for its plan to add more than 2,000 students over the next decade. Providence officials have warned this could hurt the city’s...

Doyle Convicted Of All Embezzlement, Forgery Charges

Dec 5, 2016
Ian Donnis / RIPR

A jury has convicted Institute for International Sport founder Dan Doyle of all 18 charges, including embezzlement and forgery.

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A group of Rhode Island residents concerned about President-elect Donald Trump is calling on Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse to oppose the new administration. The group, which comprises progressive organizers, politicians and citizens, is known as Resist Hate RI. On Monday a few dozen marched to the downtown offices of Senators Reed and Whitehouse to deliver signed petitions demanding that they fight to protect abortion access, keep immigration open, and oppose mass deportation....

Rhode Islanders saw the first accumulated snowfall of the season Monday morning. Less than an inch of snow fell across most parts of the state, and much of it melted within a few hours. Across the state most areas saw less than an inch of snow, with a full inch in parts of Washington County, and Cranston. National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Simpson says Rhode Island could see more snow Wednesday into Thursday. “But probably not as much accumulation because it was cold this morning, so...

A new study from the Chronicle of Higher Education finds the highest paid private college president in Rhode Island is Richard Gouse, head of the New England Institute of Technology. According to a Chronicle of Higher Education review of tax filings, NEIT President Richard Gouse received nearly $753,000 in base pay and other compensation in 2014. That puts him at number 70 out of more than 500 college presidents across the country. The highest paid private college president in the country was...

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Michigan was the scene of the tightest race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with Clinton losing by less than 11,000 votes. It was a state that had been considered part of the Democrats’ firewall, until it fell to Trump. The head of Clinton’s Michigan campaign, Stephen Neuman, was previously chief of staff for Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo. Neuman stopped by our studio to talk about his experience in Michigan.

Providence Business News Editor Mark Murphy joins Rhode Island Public Radio's Dave Fallon for our weekly business segment, The Bottom Line.

Elisabeth Harrison

Rhode Island Education Commissioner Ken Wagner is backing a plan to add 2,192 seats to the charter for Achievement First, a mayoral academy that currently operates two elementary schools in Providence.

Just a few weeks remain until 2017, a year bound to be filled with political drama. Thanks for stopping by for my weekly column. As usual, your tips and comments are welcome , and you can follow me through the week on the twitters . Here we go. 1. The gloves came off this week in a dispute between Providence Journal editorial page editor Edward Achorn and RI GOP Chairman Brandon Bell . The ball got rolling with a sharply worded editorial in Monday's ProJo -- headlined, " RI's Pathetic...

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The campaigns are over, but the debates about voting rage on. RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay says it’s time for Rhode Island to consider some election changes.

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The new wind farm would be located off the coast, about 17 nautical miles northeast of Ocean City, Maryland. If approved, construction for the project -- dubbed the Skipjack Wind Farm -- would begin as early as 2020, and produce 120 megawatts of power. That's four times more than the Block Island Wind Farm is expected to produce. Deepwater Wind is in the early stages of developing a 90 megawatt offshore wind farm 30 miles east of Montauk New York, scheduled to start operating in 2022. By the...

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There’s still no verdict in the trial of Dan Doyle, who faces 18 counts of embezzlement and forgery, stemming from his time as the head of the Institute for International sport. The nonprofit organization, which hosted the World Scholar-Athlete Games, was the beneficiary of state grants. Courtroom three at Washington County Superior Courthouse in Wakefield remained mostly empty through the day Thursday as the jurors deliberated in sequestration. The group broke only for lunch, and to hear a...

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In Washington, grassroots groups are calling on Congress to investigate the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Critics say this agency, in charge of regulating interstate transmission of oil, natural gas and electricity, is ineffective in vetting proposals for pipelines and liquefied natural gas facilities.