Jim Moses


Jim helps produce and edit special projects for RIPR.  He's been a longtime presence here, dating back to the WRNI and even WBUR days, including: Focus Rhode Island, Providence Youth Design Sweatshop-Free FashionsAction Speaks and NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook.  He's also produced numerous features for NPR, PRI, PRX, WBUR in Boston and WWFM in Trenton, NJ.

He is an audio producer, composer, sound designer, engineer, and musician. He has worked extensively in electro-acoustic music, radio broadcasting, theatrical sound design, and live and studio music production. 

He currently is technical director and lecturer at the Brown University Music Department and MEME (multimedia and electronic music experiments) program.

Compositions and sound designs include work presented by the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), Pixilerations Festival (Providence Firstworks), The Acoustical Society of America, The New Jersey Opera Festival, Providence Black Rep, and The Princeton Composers Ensemble.

Music recording and live sound engineering includes extensive work in a wide variety of genres from classical and jazz to experimental, electronic and popular styles. Label credits include Musicmasters/BMG, Bridge records, Composers Recordings Inc., Lyricord, GM Recordings.

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