103-year-old Statehouse doorman says he's retiring

Providence, R.I. – He is 103 years old and finally Frank DiPaolo is retiring after 32 years as a Statehouse door keeper. Or is he?

DiPaolo's friends showed up at the Statehouse to celebrate the retirement of the 103-year-old house doorkeeper.

Dipaolo, a political fixture in Providence's Mount Pleasant neighborhood, helped Patrick Kennedy win his first political race. It was a 1988 campaign for state representative from the neighborhood surrounding Providence College, where at the time Kennedy was a student.

Kennedy presented DiPaolo with a proclamation signed by President Barack Obama. Kennedy noted that the president's signature was real, not one of the machine-generated signatures usually used by political figures on ceremonial proclamations.

When it was DiPaolo's turn to speak, he said he was happy to retire, then said:

``I may start to get uncomfortable at home. And maybe I'll have to pick up the book again and look over just exactly what I am going to plan on doing.''

DiPaolo ran the Castle SPA, a landmark breakfast and lunch spot on Chalkstone Avenue, for more than 40 years. DiPaolo and Kennedy met in the mid 1980s, when Kennedy wandered in for a ham sandwich.