2012 News Countdown: Central Falls elects new mayor

Dec 31, 2012

Credit RIPR file

It was a busy year in the Ocean State, and Rhode Island Public Radio’s counting down the ten biggest stories of 2012. At number four – is Central Fall’s emergence from bankruptcy and new leadership.
The big news in Central Falls this year was the city’s exit from bankruptcy. It emerged from Chapter 9 with what’s effectively a five-year plan guiding the city out of the red. The plan slashes pensions by more than half, raises employee benefit contributions and hikes property taxes by 4 percent for the next five years. Residents of the small and poor city also watched their mayor resign from office and plead guilty to corruption charges, after a lengthy investigation into whether he gave an old friend a lucrative contract to board up homes. This month residents elected a new mayor, James Diossa, who is also the city’s first Latino mayor.

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