38 Studios Intellectual Property Auction Left Games Unsold

Dec 13, 2013

The auctioning of intellectual property from defunct video game maker 38 studios resulted in the sale of two of the five lots up for bid. The assets were part of the video game company owned by baseball legend Curt Schilling.

The two lots going to the highest bidder included the games “Rise of Nations” and “Rise of Legends” and all of their intellectual property. The other lot sold held the trademark for Big Huge Games, a Maryland-based video game company owned by 38 Studios.

That leaves three lots unsold. Those lots include the incomplete multiplayer online role playing game dubbed “Project Copernicus,” and rights to the one game 38 Studios did complete called “Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning.”

Five bidders took part in the auction conducted through a conference call. The auction company says it will go back to the bidders to try and dig up interest in the unsold lots.  In all, the auction generated $320,000.

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