90 percent of teachers support charterization for Spaziano Elementary

Oct 8, 2012

School leaders say 90 percent of the faculty at Spaziano Elementary School in Providence support their plan to turn the public school into a charter school.

Spaziano has filed an early “prospectus” detailing its plans to the Providence School Department. District officials have asked all Providence schools to consider becoming charters, and so far two schools have shown an interest in taking them up on the proposal.

The plan for Spaziano includes partnering with the Highlander Charter School in Providence and the International Charter School in Pawtucket. Among other supports, Highlander will help the staff at Spaziano make better use of data to refine their lesson plans. The school is pledging to increase test scores by 5 points by 2014.

Spaziano enrolls a high percentage of Hispanic students and multi-lingual students. For that reason, the school is proposing to become a laboratory school for innovative practices with non-native English speakers. That’s where the International Charter School will help out.

The second school interested in becoming a charter school is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, located on Providence’s East Side. The school plans to work with The Learning Community Charter School in the hope of reproducing its success at increasing test scores and parent involvement, and combating absenteeism.

Both schools will have to have their plans approved by the state board of education and a majority of current parents and teachers.