Acela Route Through Rhode Island Hits the Brakes

Sep 26, 2013

Travelers relying on the Amtrak Acela train from Boston and Providence to New York will need to find another way to travel today.

A power failure is to blame for the cancelation, which might not be fixed for several weeks.

Commuter rails will be running, but service will be delayed.

A cable line failure outside of New York City halted commuter trains and Acela traffic during rush hour yesterday afternoon.

Now the Boston to New York Acela route has been canceled, and may not run for the foreseeable future.

The regular Amtrak northeast regional service, is also affected by the problem/

Trains to New York will operate, but Amtrak says they’re running on diesel fuel, and that means delays up to an hour.

Additional cars are being added to the northeast service to accommodate extra riders, who had planned to take Acela trains.

Amtrak is offering refund or vouchers for passengers who prefer to cancel their trips.