Advocacy Group Releases Annual Review of Public Education

Apr 3, 2014

Achievement gaps persist for minority students, and college graduates can expect to earn less in Rhode Island than elsewhere in New England. Those are some of the key findings in a new report from the Rhode Island Campaign for Achievement Now, an education advocacy group that favors expanding charter schools and improving access to early education.

The report pulls together a broad range of data from state and federal test scores, census surveys and elsewhere. It finds improvement overall, citing 2013 testing that put Rhode Island students in 3rd and 5th above the national average for the first time on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, commonly called The Nation’s Report Card.

But the report also suggests that much work remains to be done. RI-CAN highlights persistent gaps in test scores for minority students and low rates of access to preschool and full-day Kindergarten as areas where the state should focus efforts at improvement.