Advocates celebrate health care overhaul's birthday

Providence, RI – Today marks the one year anniversary of the nation's health care overhaul law. Federal officials are joining with Rhode Islanders to celebrate.

There will be a white sheet cake with "Happy 1st birthday Affordable Care Act" scrawled across the top during a party at the state house Wednesday afternoon.

Amy Black, the director of Health RIght Rhode Island, says she knows that's not a healthy choice.

"We did debate whether or not we should have some kind of fruit bowl with a happy birthday on it," she says, "But we decided to have a birthday cake because it really is a law worth celebrating."

Local advocates will join with state and federal officials to cut the cake, discuss the health care overhaul's accomplishments, and plan for the future.

But not everybody will be joining the party. Five members of the general assembly have sponsored legislation to exempt Rhode Island from the law's so called "individual mandate" requiring most residents to buy health insurance.

A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows more than 50 percent of Americans are still confused about what the law does.

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