AFL-CIO makes no endorsement in governor's race

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The Rhode Island AFL-CIO Monday night announced it will not be making an endorsement in the governor's race. The decision reflects how labor support is divided between independent Lincoln Chafee and Democrat Frank Caprio.

Chafee told union delegates at the Rhode Island Convention Center that he's a bigger break from Gov. Carcieri than Caprio, Republican John Robitaille, and Moderate candidate Ken Block.

"You can vote for Mr. Block, you can vote for Mr. Caprio, you can vote for Mr. Robitaille," Chafee said. "If you want change, you have one choice: Linc Chafee. Thank you."

The Chafee campaign calls the AFL-CIO's non-endorsement a victory, since Democrats haven't won the governor's office in recent history without the union's backing.