Afterschool Alliance Encourages Students to Sign up for Summer Programs

Jun 25, 2013

The Rhode Island Afterschool Alliance is urging parents to sign their children up for summer programs so they will have some organized activity to do over the summer months. Studies show that students who do not engage in organized activities are more likely to lose knowledge gained during the school year. Rhode Island Afterschool Alliance Director Adam Greenman said there are more than 100 summer camps and other programs available across the state.

“No parent wants to leave their child with nothing to do during the summer. The research tells us that it’s critical for kids to be engaged both from an academic standpoint and obesity rates tend to skyrocket in the summer for children when they’re not active, so really finding good programming for kids is just such a critical piece,” said Greenman

The Afterschool Alliance has a map on its website to help parents locate summer programs in their community. Greenman said it’s always a good idea to visit any program you are considering to make sure it has high quality staff and facilities.