A.G. Kilmartin cracking down on illegal immigration

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – While Governor Lincoln Chafee moves away from a state crackdown on illegal immigration, newly installed Attorney General Peter Kilmartin is taking the opposite approach.

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin says he will enroll Rhode Island in the Secure Communities program to crack down on illegal immigration. The program adds another layer of fingerprint checking when suspects are arrested. In addition to the FBI data base, it will run a suspect's fingerprints through the Department of Homeland Security's database.

Kilmartin spokeswoman Amy Kempe says this will allow for earlier detection of a person's illegal immigration status.

"If this person is a convicted criminal and is in this country illegally and is arrested again it gives the Department of Homeland Security as well as local law enforcement agencies another tool to identify those individuals and detain them," Kemp says.

Secure Communities is a voluntary program now but the Department of Homeland Security plans to make it mandatory across the country by 2013.

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