AG Kilmartin Objects to Release Of 38 Studios Grand Jury Records

Mar 6, 2017

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin has filed an objection in Rhode Island Superior Court to Gov. Gina Raimondo’s legal petition to release the grand jury records from the state police 38 Studios case. Kilmartin’s objection did not include his reasoning for blocking release of the grand jury files, which Raimondo has sought to open up.

Kilmartin will file a legal memorandum supporting his objection, likely with two weeks or so, according to our spokesman Craig Berke. Then the governor’s lawyers will have an opportunity to respond. Berke said he doesn’t expect a hearing on the matter until April.

A grand jury was convened but did not result in any criminal indictments against any of the principals in the video game company's collapse, which left Rhode Island taxpayers on the hook for about $75 million in state bond guarantees. Civil lawsuits have recovered more than $50 million against lawyers, financiers and other involved with the company run by retired Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. But no one has ever been charged criminally in the controversial 2010 video game deal.