Allergy Season Expected To Be Especially Harsh

May 7, 2014

Experts are predicting an unusually bad allergy season with high levels of pollen this year. They note that the cold and wet spring has delayed the onset of pollen production and will cause many types of plants to produce allergens at once. Professor Keith Killingbeck of The University of Rhode Island said he was surprised by the intensity of the allergen levels.

White Pine tree branches, which are partly responsible for the especially harsh allergy season.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

“If we’re two or three weeks from now, and we have white pines producing copious amounts of pollen and your windshield is yellow in the morning if you have any white pines around and you see that pollen, that wouldn’t have surprised me at all, but at this time of year and a couple weeks ago, I was surprised that the pollen counts were that high," said Killingbeck.

Killingbeck says he has already heard news reports of Rhode Islanders suffering from allergies at higher rates than in other years.

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