Working to allow time for new Board of Ed to be formed

Jan 4, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) State senator Hanna Gallo says she expects her bill to push back the effective date on a new board that would govern K-12 and higher education will be approved Thursday. The board has technically been in effect since Tuesday.
In the final days of the last session lawmakers approved legislation that merges the boards governing K-12 and higher education. By that law, the new board became official on January 1st, but there are no members in place to govern. Senator Hanna Gallo’s bill would keep the two boards activated and push the new board’s effective date to March 7th. She says lawmakers need time to vet the candidates.
“We’re not going to rush to provide our advice and consent for the governor’s eventual appointments to this very important board. We need to go through the vetting process.”

The governor’s first pick to chair the board, George Caruolo, backed out the Friday before Christmas. Chafee then tapped attorney and former higher education board member Eva Marie Mancuso.

Gallo says Mancuso is a hard worker.
“She’s been a lawyer in our state for a long time, she’s been on the board of higher ed so she’s familiar with the issues. I think that she’s a good candidate.”

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