Amtrak policy allows unloaded guns on some trains

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Amtrak says a new policy allowing unloaded guns on trains will not apply to the Acela and Northeast Regional lines that run through Providence.

Starting December 15th passengers will be allowed to pack unloaded guns in checked baggage, providing the trains and train stations offer checked baggage service.

Amtrak said that means the gun policy applies mainly to long distance routes. Amtrak spokesman Steve Kulm said passengers also need to give Amtrak 24-hour notice.

"It's very important that passengers seeking to travel with their fire arms contact us in advance, not only to provide the 24 hour notice, but also to check to make sure where they are traveling to and what trains they want to travel on provide the service," said Kulm.

Kulm said Congress passed the order allowing unloaded guns in checked baggage a year ago. And it impacts less than a third of its more than 300 daily trains.

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