Amtrak Slows Trains along Entire Northeast Corridor

Jul 18, 2013

In a rare move, Amtrak has slowed down trains along the Northeast Corridor due to the heat. Amtrak trains travel at speeds reaching more than 100 mph, but on Thursday they’re going about 60mph.

Sensors along the track show rail temperatures at more than 120 degrees. And Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole said those hot rails pose safety concerns. “They can under some rare circumstances expand. So the thought process behind any restriction in speed is to have the trains going at a lower than normal speed to make it less problematic in case there were an issue with the track,” said Cole.

Rail temperatures exceeding 120 degrees have forced Amtrak to slow down trains along the Northeast Corridor.
Credit file / RIPR

Cole said he can’t remember the last time Amtrak slowed down trains along the entire corridor.

Passengers can expect about a 20-minute delay. The speed restriction will end at 6:00pm Thursday.

Editor's note: The copy has been changed to reflect that Amtrak train speeds can reach speeds of more than 100mph.

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