Another delay for Landmark

Providence, RI – By MEGAN HALL

Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket still hasn't identified a buyer. Superior Judge Michael Silverstein is giving the potential owners another week and a half to improve their bids.

Early this week was supposed to be the deadline for Judge Silverstein to pick his favorite bidder among the three companies hoping to buy Landmark. Instead, he told the court that he's faced with a dilemma- each potential buyer says they'd walk away from buying Landmark if certain things don't happen.

For some bidders that includes a deal with Blue Cross Blue Shield over reimbursement rates, for another it's an agreement with Landmark's union.

So Judge Silverstein is giving the companies until May 6th to take care of those issues. With that new information in hand, he expects to announce Landmark's buyer on May 10th.

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