Another Providence officer arrested in drug dealing sting

Providence, R.I. – A total of 24 individuals, including five law enforcement officials, are now charged in a local drug investigation dubbed "Operation Deception."

State Police arrested 12 new suspects yesterday, including Robert Enright, a Providence Police narcotics detective and Mark Messier, a state prison parole officer. Enright is accused of helping the alleged ring leader avoid arrest and Messier is accused of buying cocaine. Colonel Brendan Doherty, superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, says the arrests prove that no one is above the law.

"That being said, I do want to reemphasize the fact that there many good men and women on the Providence Police Department," Doherty says. "We work very closely with them and I respect the work that they do day in and day out."

Three Providence Police officers were arrested earlier in the year. Doherty says police monitored 25 thousand phone calls in the investigation, which used cell phone wires taps and eavesdropping devices inside a police car.