Another rally to prevent Woodmansee's release

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – For the second time in less than a week, Rhode Islanders protested the imminent release of convicted child killer Michael Woodmansee. And their message is getting through to state lawmakers.

State representative Dan Gordon, a Portsmouth Republican, says he and Senator Beth Moore are teaming up to amend the time off for good behavior law that is allowing child killer Michael Woodmansee to be released 12 years early.

"We're still looking at which individuals would be targeted," says Gordon.

When asked if the law applied to violent offenders, Gordon said he would like to see it apply to those who commit crimes of a violent or sexual nature.

Gordon says it would be called the Jason Foreman amendment, to honor the five year old South Kingstown boy Woodmansee stabbed to death in 1975.

Any new law, however, would not cover Woodmansee because of constitutional prohibitions against retroactivity.

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