Another salmonella death

Providence, RI – The death toll connected to contaminated pastries at Defusco's bakery in Johnston has risen to two.

The elderly man in his 90s from Providence County ate a pastry from DeFusco's bakery on March 19th and started feeling symptoms of salmonella poisoning six days later. He spent more than a week in the hospital before he died Thursday.

Annemarie Beardsworth with the Department of Health says sick, older residents are particularly vulnerable to the food borne illness.

"With someone who is older, who has underlying medical conditions, getting salmonella can give someone more serious conditions or put someone in the hospital," she says.

Beardsworth says the Health Department is closely monitoring three other Rhode Islanders who are still in the hospital from salmonella poisoning. The first victim who died was in his 80s.

A total of 66 people have reported symptoms related to the pastries.

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