Aquidneck Land Trust Conserves More Than 70 Acres Of Land

Feb 11, 2015

The Aquidneck Land Trust has acquired 72 acres of land in Portsmouth to conserve as open space. The Land Trust recently purchased the parcel for $3 million. The scenic property at St. Mary’s Church includes 25 forested acres.

Land trust executive director Chuck Allott said the property at St. Mary’s Church includes forested land that neighbors St. Mary’s Pond, one of Aquidneck Island’s drinking water supplies.  “So it's a very important drinking water, watershed protection parcel and it's also an important habitat property because of that forested land.”

It also includes farmland recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for its prime soil, said Allott. “So it hits every bell that we are looking for in conserving a property," he said. "And it's been on our high priority list since the very start of the land trust 25 years ago.”

Allott said the church waited for the land trust to secure federal funding for the purchase. He added the property would likely have been developed into housing lots if the land trust had not raised enough money to purchase it.

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