Arguments to be heard in orange sticker case

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is due to hear arguments today on whether Narragansett police can continue to put orange stickers on the doors of homes that host loud parties.

Students and landlords say once you get the sticker, you're stuck with it and that violates due process. University of Rhode Island Junior Daniel Ramalho lives in the Eastward Look neighborhood where the university says 90 percent of the complaints come from.

Ramalho says the ordinance is unfair because it targets students.

"Obviously, if my neighbors were making noise I doubt the cops would come, knock on the door, see a bunch of adults and be like 'Oh you're getting a sticker for making noise,'" Ramalho says.

The URI Student Senate says it's not as bad as last year, with numbers from the town showing 15 stickers were placed on homes during the rowdy first weekend last year, compared with seven stickers this year.

URI Vice President of Student Affairs Tom Duggan says while noise is a problem, it's also cyclical.

"The first couple of weekends in September are tough, they're probably the worse, and the next worse weekend in terms of student conduct and behavior is the last weekend in April. Guaranteed, been that way for a number of years."

Duggan says URI has no official position on the stickers, but says there's a coalition of students and town officials that have been working on the noise issue.