Artscape: How to talk like a New Englander

Jan 31, 2013

New England accents are rich and varied, after all someone from Maine will say “park your car” very differently than someone from Boston or Rhode Island. In this month’s Artscape, we explore the way we talk. To do that, Rhode Island Public Radio’s Catherine Welch sat down with Brown University and Trinity Rep.’s master of dialects Thom Jones to dig into the stories behind the accents.

Trinity Rep & Brown University's director of voice and speech Thom Jones
Credit Catherine Welch

Thom Jones works with students at Brown University, stage actors across the country and movie stars like Nicole Kidman to make sure they’re getting the dialect or accent just so. (And by the way if you have a beautiful way of talking and you find yourself in a conversation with him well … he just might be listening more to how you’re saying things than what you’re saying.  It’s one of the ways Jones keeps his ear tuned and his tongue nimble.)

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